‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 2: Kim Hye Yoon Tries to Change Byeon Woo Seok’s Fate

Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) is determined to change Ryu Sun Jae’s (Byeon Woo Seok) fate in “Lovely Runner” Episode 2. 

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‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 2: Im Sol Wants To Get Closer To Ryu Sun Jae

Im Sol, who time-slipped back in 2008 to protect her favorite idol Ryu Sun Jae, started to work on her agenda by deciding to stick with him. She thought of things to do so she could get closer to Sun Jae. 

Lovely Runner Still
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However, Im Sol unexpectedly left a strong first impression on him that she was a delinquent teenager. 

Meanwhile, the swimming competition has arrived. It will be Sun Jae’s first game after shoulder surgery. Im Sol, who went back in time, knew that Ryu Sun Jae would suffer an injury in this game, which would end his athletic career. 

Im Sol Tries to Change Ryu Sun Jae’s Fate

Lovely Runner Still - Kim Hye Yoon
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In response, she tried to prevent Sun Jae from participating in the competition.

Unfortunately, everytime she was about to reveal something about the future, time stopped. She was determined to change Sun Jae’s fate so she ended up disguising herself as a fortune teller and warned him to stay away from water. 

Lovely Runner Still
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

This bothered Sun Jae. Afraid that he would not listen to her, Im Sol followed him to the swimming pool area and was busted by Sun Jae. He was angry with what Im Sol was doing. She tried to reveal the future again but the time stopped. 

In addition, Kim Tae Seong’s (Song Geon Hee) appearance, who is Im Sol’s enemy and former crush, added interest to the story.

Curiosity was raised as to whether Im Sol could prevent Ryu Sun Jae’s injury and change his fate.

Ryu Sun Jae Falls First to Im Sol in the Past

Afterward, Ryu Sun Jae returned home and was worried about Im Sol, whom he left. The rain fell just in time. That time Im Sol was crossing the crosswalk and saw a car rushing towards him as if it was going to hit her.

Lovely Runner Still
Byeon Woo Seok, Kim Hye Yoon
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

She froze as she started to remember her past accident. Ryu Sun Jae appeared and was running towards to save her. She collapsed after being saved by Sun Jae. 

After this, an unexpected twist was revealed that gave viewers excitement. It was Ryu Sun Jae who fell first to Im Sol.

It started when he saw her holding an umbrella over his head as he was getting caught in the rain. Afterward, his feelings for her grew as he went to Im Sol’s video store.

That was the first time he hugged her. Ryu Sun Jae liked Im Sol from afar. 

Meanwhile, an intriguing photo of them was shown in 2023, giving curiosity as to whether the future of them had changed because of Im Sol’s time travel in 2008.

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