‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 3: Byeon Woo Seok Confesses Feelings To Kim Hye Yoon

While Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) is open about her admiration for Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok), she unexpectedly receives a confession from her favorite idol in “Lovely Runner” Episode 3.

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‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 3: Ryu Sun Jae Asks Im Sol Out

A day before the swimming competition, Ryu Sun Jae comforted Im Sol, who was worried about him. He gave her assurance to win the game and take the gold medal, she just needed to trust him. His sincere words moved Im Sol’s heart and true to his words, Sun Jae won the competition. 

Lovely Runner Still
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After the game, Ryu Sun Jae asked Im Sol out on a date under the pretext of having a meal to confess his feelings for her. 

Unlike him, who was anxious about his planned confession, Im Sol was happy to have a meal together with her favorite idol.

Sun Jae was frustrated as he wasn’t able to take her to his preferred restaurant. They ended up eating in another restaurant and Sun Jae asked whether Im Sol liked Kim Tae Sung (Song Geon Hee), and he was delighted that she didn’t have feelings for the band’s member.

After their meal, the duo also took a photo together.

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Lovely Runner Still
Byeon Woo Seok, Kim Hye Yoon
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Throughout their date, Sun Jae wasn’t able to confess his feelings as he missed the timing of it.

When they reached home, he was about to confess with the support of his friend Baek In Hyuk (Lee Sung Hyeop), but still failed. 

Im Sol Desperate To Change Ryu Sun Jae’s Fate

The following day, Ryu Sun Jae’s shoulder injury became severe and received the sad news that he might not be able to return to swimming again.

This broke his heart and tried to hide it from his father, who prepared a celebration for his previous win. He couldn’t take it anymore and told his father that he would quit swimming, but they ended up hurting each other with harsh words. 

Lovely Runner Still
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Im Sol saw their confrontation but couldn’t do anything about it.

Meanwhile, she was desperate that she couldn’t change the past, including Sun Jae’s swimming career. She also tried to write the day of her accident but it disappears every time she writes it down. 

Elsewhere, Sun Jae underwent a check-up after his father found out about his condition. Im Sol heard the news and couldn’t hide her pain and cried. Sun Jae saw her crying and worried about her. 

Ryu Sun Jae Confesses Love To Im Sol

Meanwhile, sparked fly between Ryu Sun Jae and Im Sol. The swimmer prodigy visited the pool at night, and Im Sol, who was worried, followed him. 

Lovely Runner Still
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Despite being drunk, she was able to put a smile on Sun Jae’s face.

While listening to a song, Sun Jae got up from his seat as Im Sol was unable to overcome her drunkness, and gradually fell into his arms.

The tension arose as they got closer to each other. At that time, Sun Jae decided to confess his feelings for Im Sol and kissed her. 

However, an unexpected twist happened. While she was listening to the audio recording that night, just as Sun Jae’s confession was about to come out, Kim Tae Sung appeared in front of him and asked her on a date, which surprised her and Sun Jae, who was following her.

That moment, the time changed and Im Sol returned to the present. Her 19-year-old self who had a crush on Tae Sung ended up accepting his offer, which hurt Sun Jae.

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