‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 6: Did Kim Hye Yoon Accept Byeon Woo Seok’s Confession?

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Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok) finally admitted his feelings to Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon), but did she accept his confession?

Keep on reading to know what happened in “Lovely Runner” Episode 6.

‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 6: Ryu Sun Jae Happy About Kim Tae Seong, Im Sol’s Breakup

After hearing Ryu Sun Jae’s confession, Im Sol began to worry about him even more. At the same time, she found out Kim Tae Seong’s (Song Geon Hee) reason for dating her and broke up with him.

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Tae Seong, on the other hand, was confused about his emotions after the breakup.

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Elsewhere, Sun Jae learned that Im Sol and Tae Seong broke up and immediately went to her. He found Im Sol crying and thought that it was because of Tae Seong, so he offered himself to be someone she could lean on.

Im Sol Rejects Ryu Sun Jae’s Confession

Since then, Ryu Sun Jae has made moves to be near Im Sol, may it be in a review center or escorting her home. He was happy being with her.

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While walking with Sun Jae, Im Sol felt her heart pound. Every time she had a close interaction with him, she started to feel an overwhelming amount of emotions. The two went to a festival to watch a sport, and at that time, Sun Jae’s feelings for Im Sol grew uncontrollably.

He no longer wanted to hide his feelings for her and confessed his love to Im Sol.

However, since she had to leave soon and was desperate to save Ryu Sun Jae, she rejected his feelings.

Will Im Sol Change Her & Ryu Sun Jae’s Fate?

Before the episode concluded, the day of Im Sol’s accident was depicted. She vowed not to go outside to prevent the unfortunate event but still went out because she was worried about him waiting for her.

At that moment, it was raining outside, and bumped into a delivery man, there she remembered her first meeting with Ryu Sun Jae and realized that she was his first love.

When Im Sol realized that Sun Jae’s feelings for her had already begun long before she came to the past, her feelings for him also grew.

However, despite the excitement, a mysterious taxi man blocked her on the way, causing a surge of tension. She disappeared and Sun Jae passed the alley and found Im Sol’s umbrella on the ground.

With the ending, attention is focused on whether the two can change their fate.

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