‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 9: Byeon Woo Seok Questions Kim Hye Yoon’s Feelings For Him

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As Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok) finally realized Im Sol’s (Kim Hye Yoon) identity, he also questioned her feelings toward him in “Lovely Runner” Episode 9.

‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 9: Im Sol Travels Back to Her College Days + Tries to Avoid Ryu Sun Jae

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Im Sol collapsed with guilt when she learned that she was the cause of Ryu Sun Jae’s death in a fate that was repeated.

It was revealed that serial killer Kim Young Soo, who had been targeting Im Sol, committed revenge murder out of revenge when he failed to kill Sun Jae. In particular, Im Sol only has one chance to travel in time.

She time-slipped back during their college days to prevent the beginning of her tragedy and save Sun Jae. She had a hilarious return when she found herself sitting on their university’s statue. She lost her footing and fell, luckily, Sun Jae caught her.

Im Sol, who was not happy reuniting with Sun Jae due to the tragedy, reported to the police the criminal who kidnapped her, and the same person who tried to kill her before.

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Meanwhile, Ryu Sun Jae paid attention to Im Sol’s every move. Baek In Hyuk (Lee Seung Hyup) scolded him for having no pride as he was still crazy in love with Im Sol.

Ryu Sun Jae & Im Sol Confront Each Other

The long-awaited event to welcome new students arrived. Im Sol was avoiding Sun Jae. However, when she was out in the dark, she was put in danger but gladly Sun Jae found and saved her again.

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That time, he also confronted her for avoiding him and asked if she hated him that much. Im Sol couldn’t say anything as she just wanted to change Sun Jae’s fate.

Afterward, even though Sun Jae saw Im Sol wandering in the forest due to her drunkenness, he could not bear to approach her and just watched her from afar. Im Sol teared up reminiscing her happy memories with Sun Jae and wished she could save him from death.

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In the end, she was still worried about Sun Jae and told him to stay away from her and just be on his own. Sun Jae who had no idea of what Im Sol was going through just listened and tried to calm her.

Ryu Sun Jae Learns Im Sol Came From the Future + Questions Her Feelings for Him

Before the episode concluded, Ryu Sun Jae found out that Im Sol came from the future. She was drunk and was riding on Sun Jae’s back, hummed, and sang along to “Sudden Shower.” It was a song Sun Jae had never sung to anyone other than Baek In Hyuk.

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Im Sol unexpectedly said that she was from the future and heard it from her time. It confused Sun Jae, and the next day, he confronted her.

Im Sol was embarrassed due to her drunkenness the other night but was also shocked when Sun Jae asked her if she was really from the future. It also made him question Im Sol about her true feelings for him.