“Lovely Runner” Episodes 11 and 12 Recap

Romance is in the air with our leads following their hearts and dating to their hearts’ content. Their time together might be limited, but our leads will make every moment count.

It all ends on a sour note, though after our resident psychopath rears his ugly head again. And one can only guess what evil plans he has in mind.

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Lovely Runner

Lovely Runner Episodes 11 and 12 Highlights

“Should I tell her it was you? Or will that make her angrier?”

More than his possible death in 2023, Seon-jae is worried about Sol’s mother deeming him a playboy after witnessing him kiss “a girl” on the street. (Why am I getting flashbacks of the infamous cuddling night from Doctor Slump?) But the family drama doesn’t end here. Seeing how Seon-jae didn’t board the plane, his father wonders if Seon-jae gave up on the rehab because of “a girl.”

Though Seon-jae denies it firmly before his father, he giddily hugs Sol and holds her hand on campus. To him, every moment between them is precious. Thus, Seon-jae doesn’t want them to hide from anyone but to follow their hearts. Also, Sol needn’t worry about the confusion that will ensue after she returns. Seon-jae will clean up this mess.

If Sol is still worried about going public, then Seon-jae will follow her decision. Too late. They are already caught red-handed. A girlfriend’s best friend is scarier than a mother-in-law. But if Seon-jae sets Hyun-joo up with a friend, she will gladly give them her blessing. (Someone is looking jealous and eating his words about telling Hyun-joo to find another guy.)

“I can’t let this pass. I will give you an explanation within an hour, so wait.”

The drama must have a knack for hysterics as our leads get caught out by their families in the most hilarious way ever. It is one thing to fall asleep while watching a movie at your mother’s DVD rental, but getting caught in a situation screaming naughty things is on another level.

Further, the over-the-top dramatic scene of Sol and Seon-jae getting torn apart by their families, Romeo and Juliet style, cracked me up. In another equally dramatic scene, Seon-jae, not willing to stay away from Sol, gathers everyone and proves their innocence. “We did it.”


“I can’t believe they are my friends.”

Family drama out of the way, it is time for some bromance. Our rivals-turned-friends team up to help In-hyuk out, with Tae-sung doing the promotion and Seon-jae joining in as a guest vocalist. Finally, Sol gets to watch Seon-jae sing the rain song live. She is looking at him with a loving gaze. The montage of their moments together elevates the sweetness. Also, how our leads both wish to stay happy together for a long time makes my heart melt.

“I wanted to sing on stage once again.”

Seeing how being on stage makes his heart race, Seon-jae decides to give singing another shot. (Then what about the photo we got last week of a three member Eclipse?) Seon-jae isn’t sure if it is because he already knows how his future will unfold or because he wants to try doing something new other than swimming. But either way, Seon-jae settles to follow his heart.

After his joint performance with In-hyuk and the rest, Seon-jae got an offer from an entertainment company CEO. But to do this, Seon-jae needs In-hyuk on board as well. And the thing is: Embarrassed by people making fun of his voice, In-hyuk put up his house for rent and moved back to his hometown.

“I think I can do it well if I do it with you.”

Along with Tae-sung, our leads head to convince In-hyuk to come back. After a hilarious rescue scene, successfully catching a run-away goat, and a delightful scene of everyone having fun by the sea, Seon-jae and In-hyuk sit down for an honest conversation. Seon-jae admits a career change sounds scary since he did nothing but swim before. But if In-hyuk is with him, Seon-jae will muster up the courage.

Another pair having a sincere conversation are Tae-sung and Sol. He admits to having had feelings for her back in high school. But unluckily, Tae-sung realized those feelings too late. Still, he wanted to tell Sol the truth and get some closure.

“I will change my fate on my own.”

With everyone going fishing, our leads get to spend some time alone. Our sweet couple is so much in love that they want time to pass slowly. Yet, they know their time is limited and Sol will eventually go back to where she belongs. Worried she might not get another chance, Sol tells Seon-jae that she likes him. If a day comes when she isn’t there anymore, Sol hopes Seon-jae won’t get sad or cry.


The details might differ, but everything happening around her implies Sol will get attacked again by Taxi Driver. (I can’t imagine how scared Sol might feel. Even I tremble each time he is on screen.) Since avoidance won’t solve the problem, Sol resolves to face it head-on. But instead of trying to sacrifice herself and face Taxi Driver on her own, it would have been more efficient to tell Seon-jae everything and try to come up with a solution together.

Making it seem like Past Sol is back, Sol leaves Seon-jae behind and marches toward her fate. Though he promised not to cry, tears well up in Seon-jae’s eyes. This time, their separation hits the hardest, as Seon-jae knows Sol likes him as well.

Lovely Runner Episodes 11 and 12 Musings

Our leads’ conversation about fate unfolding the same way, no matter how hard we try, had me in thought. As Seon-jae says, it all comes down to making the same choice despite knowing the consequences. Case in point: Hyun-joo still getting together with Geum and Seon-jae pursuing music. But while those aren’t necessarily bad choices, this theme makes me worried about what is to come.

It isn’t that she didn’t know that getting on the train would keep her safe, at least for now. Sol knowingly got off because delaying it won’t change anything. So, she chose to protect Seon-jae over herself. Likewise, Seon-jae made up his mind to rescue Sol if she falls in danger again, even if it costs him his life. Ironically, Taxi Driver also kept making the same choice of going after Sol despite failing at it before.

With everyone making the same choices, I am worried about the consequences. Does the innocent girl have to lose the ability to walk just because she happened to run into a psychopath? Will Seon-jae lose his life as the price for protecting the girl he loves? Is this cruel fate really inevitable?

I know it isn’t the destination that matters, but the journey. And it is palpable how this trip into the past impacted everyone beautifully, including Sol. The time Sol spent with Seon-jae and the happy memories they made together will remain in their hearts, even if they drift apart. We also have Tae-sung whose life took a 180 turn.

Yet if Sol ends up losing Seon-jae once again after all they went through together, it will be really devastating. The girl was crushed by his death when she had no idea of their past connection. One can only imagine how heartbroken she will be this time.

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