‘Lovely Runner’ Hype Continues As ‘Sudden Shower’ Enters Billboard 200

“Lovely Runner” makes history after its OST “Sudden Shower” landed a spot on Billboard 200!

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ECLIPSE’s ‘Sudden Shower’ Goes Global As It Debuts on Billboard 200 

The “Lovely Runner” craze continues as its OST “Sudden Shower,” performed by the fictional band ECLIPSE, entered Billboard 200, ranking 199th. 

Lovely Runner Still-Byeon Woo Seok
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

Sudden Shower” is famous for being sung by Byeon Woo Seok, who played as the protagonist Ryu Sun Jae in the hit romance/time-slip drama. It has been said that the meaning of the lyrics combined with “Lovely Runner” storyline increased the viewers’ immersion.

Apart from Billboard Top 200, “Sudden Shower” also surpassed 20 million streams on Spotify.  

“Sudden Shower” is also very popular in Korea. According to reports, as of 1 am on June 5, the song ranked 5th in the top 100 on MelOn chart, Korea’s largest music platform. 

Despite the series’ completion, the rom-com’s hype continues not just in Korea, but also in different parts of the world. Expectations are rising as to whether a follow-up drama will happen in the future.

ECLIPSE’s Potential Music Promotions in The Future

(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

In a separate report, ECLIPSE featured in the smashing hit series is rumored to perform at the upcoming KCon in LA, which might be their first-ever live stage performance outside Korea.

However, on the same day, June 4, an official from the Korean organizer CJ ENM of the event denied the news and said that the rumors were not true. 

Hence, the drama’s fans are still hopeful for the potential live performances and music show appearances of ECLIPSE. In support of this, Byeon Woo Seok and Lee Seung Hyub mentioned in their individual interviews that if the band’s popularity continues, they might do group performances in the future.

Lee Seung Hyub, who played as Baek In Hyuk, also shared that the ECLIPSE members including Moon Sion and Yang Hyuk expressed their desire to promote as a group, which delighted the fans. 

Apart from the music chart domination, “Lovely Runner” was acknowledged by TIME magazine as the Best K-Drama of the Year. The series landed again in another foreign online publication just days after its conclusion. 

Where To See The ECLIPSE Members Next?

While waiting for their possible stage performances, fans who can’t still move on from the drama can check on the whereabouts of the actors who played as members of ECLIPSE.

Byeon Woo Seok is preparing for his sold out fan meetings in Asia. He is also participating in multiple interviews and is about to grace the cover of the fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar. 

Lee Seung Hyub, on the other hand, is also gearing up to meet his fans through N.Flying’s two-day sold-out concert in Seoul. The idol-actor is expected to make his immediate drama return through the rom-com series “Love Next Door.”

Moon Sion and Yang Hyuk, who are experiencing a surge in popularity, are receiving new project offers. 

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