‘Lovely Runner’ Receives Criticism After Debut + Production Releases Statement

Despite its impressive debut, tvN’s “Lovely Runner” received mixed reactions. Amid the criticisms, the drama’s production team released a statement clarifying the details of the new series.

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‘Lovely Runner’ Garners Criticism Upon Debut

On April 8, romance and time-travel drama “Lovely Runner” finally hit the small screen. Starring Kim Hye Yoon and Byeon Woo Seok, the newest tandem immediately captured attention with their adorable chemistry and immersive acting.

Lovely Runner Still
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“Lovely Runner” follows the story of Im Sol, a passionate fan of Ryu Sun Jae, devastated by the death of her favorite idol. An unexpected event happens, wherein she goes back in 2008 to save the idol.

The new drama is based on a web novel, penned by “True Beauty” creator Lee Si Eun.

CJ ENM Responds To Criticisms Against ‘Lovely Runner’

Meanwhile, even before the series was released, it caught the fans’ attention as the drama was accused of referencing the life of the late SHINee member Jonghyun. 

With this, many wanted to boycott the series as they felt it was disrespectful and were using the idol for entertainment.

Lovely Runner Still-Byeon Woo Seok
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

However, as “Lovely Runner” episode 1 aired, some felt that the criticisms being thrown at the drama didn’t have solid reasoning. They shared different opinions on the series.

With this, the production company CJ ENM responded to the controversy by releasing their official statement.

CJ ENM Viewer Counsel Team first thanked the viewers for their interest in the new show, “Lovely Runner.” Aware of the inquiries that they received from the public, they explained that the male protagonist Ryu Sun Jae, who is an idol debuted in 2009 in the drama.

They stated that the character is based on the original webtoon and is not a drama made with a specific character or situation in mind.

Lovely Runner Still-Byeon Woo Seok
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

The production elaborated in detail, “However, during the production process, we felt that the original work setting of six years before was not a big enough gap to depict the young days of the main characters. We decided to go back 15 years before to 2008, to show a contrast between the times.”

Regarding the premiere date, which was previously questioned by the public, which was also the birthday of the mentioned idol, CJ ENM clarified, “We inform the public that the premiere date was determined by the drama block programming order and was not intentional setting, as that is not realistically possible.”

After hearing the production’s side. Netizens were baffled that the drama became a hot issue.

“Why are they bringing their idol into something like this.”

“I watched the first episode and I didn’t think of a certain person while watching it. The fans are too much.”

“I watched ‘Lovely Runner’ and I see no connection.”

“Why are the fans like this? Are they even fans at this point.”

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