Lovely Runner” writer “I cried seeing Kim Hye-yoon’s acting + This work made me feel the weight of my writing

Writer Lee Shi-eun spent three years creating the vibrant world of “Lovely Runner“, while directors Yoon Jong-ho and Kim Tae-yeop brought the script to life with their delicate direction. The excellent performances of the actors further ensured that the drama was well-received by viewers.

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On May 31st, News1 interviewed director Yoon, director Kim and writer Lee to hear various behind-the-scenes stories about the work.

lee si eun

– There must have been some difficult moments during filming.

Yoon Jong-ho: It was tough when the actors were struggling. For instance, in the first episode, there’s a scene where the clock falls into a lake, and Im Sol (Kim Hye-yoon) crawls to retrieve it. It was shot in -10°C weather. We would have preferred to film in warmer conditions, but we didn’t have that luck. My goal was to minimize the time actors spent in uncomfortable situations by pre-shooting scenes without them when possible. During the rehearsal, Hye-yoon became pale and couldn’t act when she first entered the lake, so we had to stop and reorganize. It was painful to see, but she performed well and the scene turned out great, which I was very grateful for.

Yoon Jong-ho

Lee Shi-eun: I regretted writing the scene involving water because of the cold. After the shoot, I felt sorry and even cried because of the actors’ dedication. Seeing them suffer made me feel the weight of my writing.

– Some viewers were worried that the intertwined fates of the two protagonists might not lead to a happy ending.

Lee Shi-eun: I was surprised to see so many people concerned about that. Isn’t the official rule of romantic comedies a happy ending? (laugh) From the start, I envisioned the cherry blossom proposal scene and had no other ending in mind. I wanted to give the feeling that these characters truly found happiness, and the directors captured that well, creating a happy conclusion.

– The making videos show a very warm atmosphere on set, with the directors looking at the actors almost like parents. (laugh)

Kim Tae-yeop

Kim Tae-yeop: We truly felt like parents. Every relationship is mutual. Our actors were not only excellent performers but also very lovable people. We were lucky to work with them. As time went on, our affection for the actors grew. Their good nature helped create a positive atmosphere on set.

Yoon Jong-ho: As seen in the making videos, our directing styles differ. On set, I was the father, and director Kim was the mother. I would push hard, and Kim would smooth things out, creating a real family-like feeling. Initially, it was challenging, but understanding the actors’ narratives made it easier. This was the first project where making videos had so many views. At group viewing events, I was amazed at how much recognition we got. Experiencing such a “life-changing” project is rare, and I’m grateful for it. I want to continue making even better projects in the future.