‘Lovely Runner’s’ Lee Seung Hyub Teases Possible Promotion of Fictional Boyband ECLIPSE

ECLIPSE stage performances might happen as “Lovely Runner” star Lee Seung Hyub talked about reuniting with the fictional band members.

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ECLIPSE To Possibly Promote After ‘Lovely Runner’ Finale

Following the conclusion of “Lovely Runner,” fans still wonder about the fictional band ECLIPSE.


Throughout the series’ run, ECLIPSE even rose to the MelOn chart with their track “Sudden Shower.” With this, fans remain hopeful that the band will appear on a music broadcast, or hold a concert.

Lee Seung Hyub Talks About ECLIPSE Members’ Desire to Perform Together

One of the band’s members Baek In Hyuk, played by N.Flying leader Lee Seung Hyub, shared some of his thoughts about the drama, and teased the public the potential activities of ECLIPSE.

Lee Seung Hyub
(Photo : Lee Seung Hyub Instagram)

The idol-actor talked about his co-stars wanting to promote together. He elaborated that ever since they started practicing, they did talk about how fun it would be to perform.

Lee Seung Hyub also praised Byeon Woo Seok for being a good singer.

With these thought in mind, the N.Flying member already imagines the happiness that the fans will experience once the ECLIPSE members are given a chance to perform live.

(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

“I actually communicate to my co-actors about wanting to promote together. Since we began rehearsing, we did talk about how fun it would be to perform.

Byeon Woo Seok is also good at singing and it seemed like he wanted to perform. I think the fans would be happy if we reunited and performed together.”

After reading the actor’s interview, fans were enthusiastic and immediately suggested the content that the ECLIPSE members could do for their potential promotion.

  • “Please perform just once. I’ll watch it over and over.”
  • “Please do music shows!”
  • “Please come on broadcast once.”
  • “If the stage is too much pressure, how about ‘Killing Voice’ or ‘It’s Live’ type of content.”
  • “Come on, you can come on at least Mnet.”

With Lee Seung Hyub’s update, many are hopeful to finally see Ryu Sun Jae and Baek In Hyuk with the other members perform together on stage.

What can you say about the potential stage performances of ECLIPSE? Share your thoughts/replies in the comments!