LOVELYZ Kei Speaks Out on Fellow Member’s Intriguing Midnight Vanishing Act: ‘She’s Always Gone…’

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During a recent reunion on the March 30th episode of MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo,” the disbanded K-pop girl group Lovelyz reunited after nearly three years.

Amidst the reminiscing, a surprising revelation emerged from member Kei, shedding light on the nocturnal activities of fellow member Mijoo. This revelation stirred curiosity and speculation among fans and the media alike.

Reminiscing on Dorm Life

As the members gathered for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, the topic of their shared dorm life surfaced. This prompted discussions about the unique habits and routines each member had during their time together

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Kei, who had shared a room with Mijoo during their time as Lovelyz, didn’t hesitate to share her observations. She candidly disclosed that while she preferred daytime activities, Mijoo was often absent from the dorm at night, sparking curiosity among the audience and fellow members.

“It was pleasant sharing a room with Mijoo due to our contrasting lifestyles. I typically ventured out during the daytime, whereas Mijoo favored nocturnal excursions. She frequently ventured out at night, thus…”

Kei’s statement drew an immediate reaction from the audience and members of “Hangout with Yoo.” Amidst playful teasing directed at Mijoo, Kei attempted to clarify that Mijoo’s nocturnal excursions were likely due to her extensive social circle.

Mijoo’s Response Raises Questions

In response to the raised eyebrows and teasing, Mijoo attempted to offer an explanation. She attributed her nighttime absences to the dorm’s curfew but found herself unable to fully dispel suspicions lingering around her behavior.

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“Wait a moment. Allow me to clarify, everyone. Alright? There was a curfew in place. However, I did indeed sleep at the dorm.”

As doubts persisted, another Lovelyz member brought up past instances of Mijoo’s illness after drinking, further fueling speculation about her nighttime activities.

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Thankfully, fellow Lovelyz member Sujeong stepped in to provide context and defend Mijoo’s actions. She explained that their demanding dance schedule often led to late-night practices, during which Mijoo would consume energy drinks to keep up, inadvertently leading to her bouts of illness.

Sujeong’s Explanation Dispels Speculation, Unveils Reality of Idol Life: Lovelyz Reunion Addresses Rumors and Misconceptions

Despite initial speculation and raised eyebrows, Sujeong’s explanation offered a plausible insight into Mijoo’s behavior, shedding light on the realities of their hectic idol life.

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The reunion served not only as a trip down memory lane but also as an opportunity for members to address misconceptions and clarify rumors surrounding their past.

As fans continue to reminisce about Lovelyz’s legacy, this revelation adds another layer to their story, showcasing the complexities of life in the spotlight.