‘Low’ Ticket Sales at KBS ‘Immortal Songs’ New York Concert Raise Eyebrows— Surprising Causes Revealed

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The anticipation for KBS’s “Immortal Songs” live concert, scheduled for October 26 at the iconic MetLife Stadium in New York, has been met with an unexpected twist – slow ticket sales.

This comes as a surprise considering the immense popularity of the program in South Korea.

A quick check on TicketMaster reveals an unusual surplus of available seats, leaving many to wonder why this event, which has captivated audiences worldwide, seems to be struggling in the ticket department.

K-Pop Fan Spectrum: Understanding the Varied Tastes of U.S. K-Pop Enthusiasts

One factor that could explain this unexpected challenge is the composition of the lineup.

While the roster boasts celebrated artists, including the likes of Psy, ATEEZ, and NewJeans, it’s important to note that only a handful of these acts enjoy widespread recognition in the United States.


(Photo : Instagram|@kbs_kpop_official)

K-Pop enthusiasts in the U.S. are diverse, often divided between casual listeners who may not be inclined to invest heavily in attending a K-Pop event and dedicated fans who tend to prefer solo concerts where their beloved artists can command a more substantial stage time.

Venue Selection: Evaluating the MetLife Stadium as the “Immortal Songs” Concert Venue

Another element to consider is the choice of venue – the MetLife Stadium, an iconic sporting and concert venue with a staggering capacity of 82,500 seats.

However, for concerts, only about half of these seats are typically utilized.


(Photo : twitter|@pannchoa)

This vast stadium might have been an overly ambitious choice for the “Immortal Songs” event, especially when considering that only a select few K-Pop acts have successfully filled stadiums of this magnitude in the past.

Some netizens have even suggested that opting for a smaller arena with a capacity ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 seats might have been a more strategically sound decision.

Ticket Price Dilemma: Evaluating “Immortal Songs” Ticket Pricing

Ticket pricing has also been a subject of concern among potential attendees. Given the challenges posed by stadium seating arrangements, coupled with the lineup of artists, many expected more affordable ticket options.

However, tickets for this event range from a relatively modest $59 USD to a rather substantial $599 USD. It’s worth speculating whether ticket sales are the sole focus of the organizers.

This special edition of “Immortal Songs” commemorates the 120th anniversary of Korean immigration to the U.S., signifying that there may be cultural significance beyond simply filling seats.

Ticket sales for the “Immortal Songs” concert began on September 18, leaving room for potential improvements as the event draws closer.

The ultimate outcome remains uncertain and will depend on various factors, including fan enthusiasm and evolving circumstances leading up to the concert date.