Lucas opens an SNS account

Article: Lucas seems to be back to promos

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Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+787] He hasn’t reflected enough yet

[+312] How about he serve in place of NCT in the army instead?

[+33] Screw off, SM should just take care of who we have already

[+165] Then I guess that one guy in Riize will be back too 

[+92] Put him in a unit with Seunghan, sell them as a combo

[+61] SM’s so damn crazy

[+39] Ugh, I hate that he has the SM logo next to his username ㅜㅜ I don’t care how much he’s reflected or not, I just don’t want him in SM period. But I guess one of SM’s biggest pros and cons is that they never throw away their artists, for better or for worse… sigh…

[+152] God dammit

[+58] Just screw off… and if you have to come back, do it by going to the army in place of the members;;

[+99] This is such a joke.. ㅋ

[+71] Just please leave SM for good

[+57] Screw off

[+22] Oh please, just screw off again