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-Get a haircut.
-When did he get the tattoo on his arm?
-He’s good looking…. seriously.
-Impressive, but not in a good way…
-Quality is good, getting more annoyed.
-It might be better to cut his hair.
-So annoying.
-SM is no less than a criminal organization, like a gangster family.
-What do you mean he’s good looking… He’s a criminal.
-Seeing the comments, fans are probably going to suck up to him again.
-They don’t even push the hardworking ones much, why are they pushing this kind of person so hard? Seriouslyㅋㅋㅋ
-Is he still with SM? He did something way worse than someone who got suspended indefinitely, yet they’re letting him come back.
-Is long hair a trend? Seriously, he suits short hair better.