Ma Dong Seok Expresses Gratitude to Wife Ye Jung Hwa: ‘She Took Care of Me When I Was Poor’

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Ma Dong Seok recalls his humble beginning and the first time he met his wife, Ye Jung Hwa.

As the top star expressed his gratitude to the viewers of his new movie “The Roundup: Punishment,” the Korean-Canadian star mentioned his other’s half name and detailed the beginning of their love story.

One of the few Korean stars who entered Hollywood, Ma Dong Seok, made a name for himself locally and internationally.

With hit projects both in South Korea and in the United States, he is also the executive producer of “The Roundup” series.

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Apart from this, the actor has invested in real estate, which includes his marital home with Ye Jung Hwa, inside a luxury neighborhood in Cheongdam-dong.

However, before his fame and wealth, the actor came from a simple family.

As “The Roundup: Punishment” surpassed 10 million viewers on May 15, Ma Dong Seok not only thanked the moviegoers who came to the theater to watch the movie, but also expressed his gratitude to his wife.

Ma Dong Seok Thankful to Wife for Staying By His Side Despite Being Poor

In an interview, he showed how thankful he is to Ye Jung Hwa, Ma Dong Seok mentioned how she stayed by his side despite being “poor.”

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 “When my wife first met me, I was very poor,” he said, recalling the story about his struggles as a rookie actor.

“You might think I was a strange person, sitting in a small room with 40 to 50 sheets of A4 paper and making plans, but seeing that I was poor, went through a lot of hardship, got hurt, and all that, she was by my side a lot.”

Ma Dong Seok also shared how Ye Jung Hwa supported and helped him during his early years in the industry.

“I’ve been an actor for a long time, but I’m grateful to my wife, who has been by my side since I was poor, protected me, gave me a lot of ideas, and helped me a lot.”

The actor recently surprised his fans after he announced that he married his longtime girlfriend in 2021 after they secretly registered their marriage that year.

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Interestingly, the couple will have their wedding ceremony on May 25, attended by only family and friends.

The actor and Ye Jung Hwa went public with their relationship in 2016.

Ma Dong Seok’s wife is 18 years his junior and works as a television personality and fitness trainer.