Maestra Episode 11 Recap and Review: The One Who Loves Cha Se-eum

Maestra Episode 11 Recap and Review: Se-eum returns to Hanphil to find the culprit who is poisoning her and to say her last goodbyes to the orchestra. Directed by Kim Jung-kwon, the drama stars Lee Young-ae, Lee Mo-saeng, Hwang Bo Reum-byeol, Kim Young-jae, Park Ho-san, and Yang Jun-mo, alongside other cast members.

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Maestra Strings of Truth (마에스트라) tells the story of violinist Cha Se-eum who is now the conductor of an orchestra. While she has reached a stage that is envied by all with her hard work and passion, Se-eum has a secret that can change her life forever. And so it does when a mysterious case takes place in the orchestra and she takes a look into it. The drama is a remake of the French show Philharmonia which aired in 2019.

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A highly accomplished conductor decides to leave her life in New York behind to take up the challenge of reviving a struggling orchestra.

– Maestra Episode 11 Review Contains Spoilers –

Maestra Episode 11 Recap

A recap of the scenes before Kim Phil’s incident tells us how he was lured to the scene by a message that caught his attention by mentioning Se-eum’s secret. This brought in a curiosity that pulled him to the scene where he was attacked from behind and injected with the poison that was given to Se-eum.

When the doctor treating Kim Phil reveals this to Se-eum and the detectives, they are shocked and conclude that he isn’t the one who has been poisoning Se-eum. This brings the investigation back to square one as there is no saying who could be the perpetrator. Dong-sik advised Se-eum to get herself police protection because she is at the centre of all the incidents and could be the next target.

Se-eum refuses protection and tells him to focus on catching the culprit. The next day, she checks the applications of everyone in the orchestra and narrows down to Luna, A-jin and Su-jin who fit Dong-sik’s criteria of being Bong-ju’s murderer; a woman with blood group B. Dong-sik soon has his detectives follow the three women who catch any signs of suspicions.

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However, this does not help with the case so he begins looking at it from another direction; the poison. Only three labs have the poison in their vicinity and Dong-sik rushes to get all the information he can. Meanwhile, Jeong-jae gets the data from these research labs and begins going through the documents to gather his clues.

Elsewhere, Se-eum gets suspicious of everyone around her as she makes her way back home. Seeing her condition Hye-jung asks about what is happening and finds out about the poisoning and everything. She shows her support for Se-eum and tells her that she won’t be running away as she wants to face this alongside her friend.

Seeing this makes Se-eum melt, but she does not want any danger to come upon her father and friend. She goes to Jeong-jae and asks him to protect these two people if anything were to happen to her. The next day, everyone is talking about the documentary featuring a divorcing couple and concludes that A-jin indeed had an affair with Kim Phil. Later, Se-eum announces that the upcoming performance will be her last and this is a proper way of saying her goodbyes to the orchestra.

The following day, Tae-ho returns to Hanphil after Se-eum gives him the green signal and Luna can’t help but question her decision. She then asks Se-eum to take her for a drink and tells her story to Se-eum. Luna lets her know why she is so important to her and Se-eum too sympathizes with her pain.

She later takes the drunk Luna back home but accidentally sees a cut mark on her shoulder. She ignores it and takes her inside, where she sees the posters Luna has hung around the room of her concerts. Elsewhere, Jeong-jae has finally found the clue he had been looking for this whole time; he finds the lab where the poison was leaked from.

The next day, Luna wakes up to her sister arguing with her fiance and breaking off the engagement as he had been cheating on her; a fact that was known by Luna. Meanwhile, Dong-sik makes his way to the lab where Jeong-jae finds something fishy and soon it is revealed that the one under suspicion is Kim Jin-yeong, Luna’s brother-in-law.

Later, Luna tries to talk to Se-eum but Jeong-jae arrives and they go to her office. There he asks her about someone named Kim Jin-yeong or anyone from Hyun In Pharm. Se-eum doesn’t recall anything but when the two are leaving her eyes fall on Hanphil’s logo which triggers a memory from Luna’s house.

Maestra Episode 11 Ending

Se-eum had seen Hyun In Pharm’s logo on the calendar in her room which means that she is associated with someone from there. She then remembers the scar she saw on Luna’s shoulder which is similar to what Dong-sik had defined could be on Bong-ju’s killer. Connecting all these dots, Se-eum is shocked as she rushes to her office with Jeong-jae right behind her.

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On the other hand, Luna is confronted by her brother-in-law when she tries to run away from home. Elsewhere, Jeong-jae and Se-eum finally find the poison inside a pot in her office. They are now sure who the culprit is. Meanwhile, Tae-ho arrives and sends Jin-yeong off while Luna becomes aware that something is wrong. She invites Tae-ho inside and hits his head with a pot when he is not looking.

Maestra Episode 11 Review

The finale week has begun and Maestra has started big with the revelation of who the real culprit is, which only hit us with a shock that was huge enough to make our jaws drop. Having hidden in the shadows for all these weeks, Luna has fooled us well and brought this show to another level altogether.

Luna has taken the spotlight with the turn of events that have happened today and we are glad to give it to her. Meanwhile, she might as well have caused a huge hurdle in Se-eum and Jeong-jae’s path with what she has done to Kim Phil. There is a possibility of Se-eum being stuck with him for all her life as the poison might have just left him in a condition he had wanted to see Se-eum in.

Meanwhile, Jeong-jae continues to grow greener as his silent love for Se-eum leaves us melting once again. He is surely one of the characters we are going to miss after the final episode tomorrow.

However, the question remains as to what made Luna the culprit. An obsession with Se-eum or revenge for the past?

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