Maestra Episodes 11 and 12: Release Dates and What to Expect!

Maestra (마에스트라) is a Korean mystery thriller that tells the story of a passionate violinist who reaches the peak she craves, without letting anyone get in her way. Directed by Kim Jung-kwon, the drama stars Lee Young-ae, Lee Mo-saeng, Hwang Bo Reum-byeol, Kim Young-jae, Park Ho-san, and Yang Jun-mo, alongside other cast members.

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The Kdrama tells the story of violinist Cha Se-eum who is now the conductor of an orchestra. While she has reached a stage that is envied by all with her hard work and passion, Se-eum has a secret that can change her life forever. And so it does when a mysterious case takes place in the orchestra and she takes a look into it.

The show is now heading towards its final week and after a series of ups and downs that we have experienced throughout this show, we can say that the finale weekend is sure to hit another high. The thriller brought in the right amount of intensity in this femme fatale that pushed us to the edge of our seats, while the musical symphony heightened these emotions to another level.

Maestra has surely been an exciting show for viewers and as we move towards the end, we bring about some expectations that we hold from the finale. Here’s a look into what these expectations are!

Maestra Episodes 11 and 12 Predictions!

Maestra episode 10 ended with Se-eum believing that it is her husband Kim Phil who has been poisoning her, however, right when she reveals this to the police, Kim Phil is attacked. Meanwhile, Se-eum also finds out that the person who attacked Bong-ju is a female with blood type B.

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Maestra Episode 5 Review
Maestra Episode 5 still

With an ending like this, there is no doubt that Maestra episode 11 is set to be off to a good start and it is sure to begin with chaos after what happened to Kim Phil. From having her divorce announced, to being suspicious about Kim Phil poisoning her, and now with him also being attacked by someone else, this weekend is sure to be chaotic.

The storm will surely calm down and bring an end to the ruckus that is soon to happen, we can see Se-eum giving her best performance. She has already pointed out that this will be her last concert with Hanphil and we can expect it to conclude with the show itself. Meanwhile, we can see her free and ready to fly, but whether she is alone in this journey is something we will only find out during the finale.

Along with these, here are some more events we can see coming in the finale!

Se-eum’s New Journey

Se-eum has surely been one of the most exciting protagonists yet and we can surely see her being a free bird who will do what she wants. The results of her blood test are about to come, but knowing her through these weeks we can say that no matter what the result, Se-eum is set to do something that will leave everyone surprised.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Jeong-jae will see another turn; and while we hope for these two to get together, there is a possibility that nothing will happen. But we never know, so fingers crossed.

Maestra Episode 6 Preview
Maestra Episode 6 still

Kim Phil’s End

After getting attacked by an “unknown” woman, Kim Phil ends up in the hospital in an unconscious state. This leaves us with two possibilities- he either wakes up and soon serves his punishment for having tried to poison Se-eum, or loses his life. His character development has left us all shocked for sure and these two ends are the only possibilities left for him at this point.

The Perpetrator

After Kim Phil’s attack, we are sure that the person who killed Bong-ju is the same as the one who attacked Kim Phil. Now, we are left with two possibilities on who this person can be. The first is A-jin who has tried to harm Kim Phil after the threat he left her with last time. Thus, to keep her child with her she took this drastic step.

The second would be Luna, which is surprising but a possibility as her love for Se-eum is boundless and seeing Kim Phil’s betrayal without remorse may have made her take this step. However, we hope that she is in the clear as we would love to see her with Tae-ho.

Maestra Episode 2 Recap Still 3
A still from the series “Maestra”

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Jeong-jae’s Love

We now come to the green flag we didn’t see coming in the first few episodes but proved himself to be a permanent member of the Green Flag club. Jeong-jae’s love for Se-eum is unconditional as we have seen throughout the show with his secret actions to keep Se-eum safe and sound. The finale weekend is sure to hold some surprises for him as he gets what he desires.

However, he is a character who can also be the tragic character in this femme fatale, but we hope that he gets to accompany Se-eum like he has always wanted to.

Maestra Episode 2 Recap Still 1
A still from the series “Maestra”


Finally, the orchestra Se-eum has worked for is surely to see a good end because all that Se-eum has done until now is for this orchestra. Hanphil is surely to succeed and if Luna is not involved in Bong-ju and Kim Phil’s case, then she is sure to lead the team to the success that they had been waiting for.

Maestra Episode 11 and 12 Release Dates

Maestra episode 11 is set to release on January 13, 2024, at 9:20 PM KST (7:20 PM IST) on Disney Plus.

Maestra episode 12 will follow episode 11 the next day as it releases on January 14, 2024, at 9:20 PM KST (7:20 PM IST) on Disney Plus.

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