MAKE MATE 1 Lineup: Upcoming KBS’s New Idol Survival Show Reveals List of Contestants

The debut announcement of the MAKE MATE 1 Lineup has unveiled the profiles of 36 contestants vying for a coveted spot in a new K-pop boy group. These aspiring talents will engage in a fierce competition within a rigorous survival audition program. Notably, among these contestants are familiar faces from previous survival shows or other endeavors in the K-pop industry. While KBS has initially provided profiles of the MA1 contestants, we eagerly await further updates as the KBS Global Audition unfolds. For now, let’s dive into the details of the group of trainees revealed on April 2, 2024.

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The inaugural season of KBS MAKE MATE 1 is generating significant buzz with the exciting announcement that EXO’s Xiumin will take on the dual roles of MC and mentor for aspiring contestants. Joining him is a formidable lineup of judges, vocal coaches, dance coaches, and rap mentors. Mamamoo’s Solar will grace the panel of judges, while Lim Han-byul and Kim Seong-eun will lend their expertise to nurture vocal skills. Guiding the contestants through the intricacies of dance are ‘We Dam Boys’ Vata and Ingyoo, renowned for infusing K-pop dance with a contemporary flair. On the rap front, the talented rapper Hanhae will play a pivotal role in honing the trainees’ abilities and fostering their growth.

MAKE MATE 1 Lineup of Contestants

1. Kim Se-gom



4. Kim Si-on


The forthcoming lineup announcement will unveil the remaining trainees, offering a glimpse into the talent yet to be discovered.

MAKE MATE 1 Release Dtae

The precise premiere date of the show remains undisclosed as of now, but it is slated to commence in May 2024.

Let us know in the comments below which contestant you are rooting for!

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