Male Actor Shocks Netizens By Dressing Up As Woman In New Film

The recent trailer for the upcoming film “Pilot” showed Jo Jung-suk transforming into Han Jung-woo, a talented and ambitious pilot who lost everything due to a scandal at his workplace. After getting fired, Jung-woo struggled to get a new job. Determined to regain everything he lost, Jung-woo came up with the bold idea of dressing up as a woman to become a flight attendant. Will Jung-woo succeed with his new identity? His funny and challenging story is expected to bring laughter to viewers.

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After the trailer of “Pilot” was released, the film received enthusiastic reactions from netizens. Jo Jung-suk expressed his feelings, saying “I don’t know if people have fully accepted the movie but I truly appreciate the explosive reactions”.

The actor shared, “In order to portray this character, I had to face a bold change and poured a lot of effort into preparing for it. I’m very grateful to the costume and makeup teams for their hard work in creating a perfect appearance for this character. There were a lot of difficulties at the filming location but we all tried to do our best to make an interesting movie”.

“Pilot” marks Jo Jung-suk’s comeback on the big screen after 5 years. To become Jang Mi, the actor even lost 7kg and spent time practicing makeup skills as well as women’s gestures. With instructions and advice from makeup artists and stylists, Jo Jung-suk tried to choose a makeup look suitable for his appearance and act naturally.

In response to Jo Jung-suk’s transformation into a woman, netizens commented, “I already fell in love with his flower dress”, “Jo Jung-suk is so funny. He looks so pretty”, “This film doesn’t need a female lead because Jo Jung-suk can be both”, “Wow, I didn’t expect him to be this pretty”, “He was very cool with a beard as a king in a drama earlier in January, but now…”, “I’ve prepared myself to laugh”, “I’ll go watch this movie”, “Wow he looks so pretty in the flower dress”, etc.