Male actors who are seen in a new light this year


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Lee Jongwon (Knight Flower)

Byun Wooseok (Lovely Runner)

Both of them have been debuted for quite some time and have appeared in other dramas as well, but this time they are particularly praised for their perfect chemistry with their characters… 

The fact that both of them have completed their military service is… 😀 

Please work diligently like a cow.

-Oh, I like both of them. Please do more projects.

-Wow, Lee Jongwon also completed military service? I knew about Byun Wooseok though. 

-Lee Jongwon’s acting was so good that I was amazed. His historical tone and facial expressions were good. As for Byun Wooseok, he’s a bit lacking in expression, tone, and emotional delivery, but it’s still enjoyable to watch.

-Even I, who doesn’t watch dramas much, can feel that these two actors mentioned in the post are gaining popularity these days.

-It’s great that both of them have completed their military service. It’s really fortunate that both of them are receiving positive responses and doing well now.

-Lee Jongwon was so good in “Knight Flower”. Looking forward to his next work.

-I didn’t watch “Knight Flower,” but I’ve seen a lot of posts about Lee Jongwon, and the responses were good.

-I’ve been keeping an eye on both of them since their debut, and I’m happy because both of them have been getting good responses. I hope they do even better in the future. 

-I really love Park Suho and Ryu Sunjae……

-I saw Lee Jong-won for the first time in “Knight Flower,” and I was surprised because it’s been a long time since his debutㅋㅋㅋ I thought he was a rookie.. Looking forward to his next work. He did so well in the historical drama. I hope he wins the Baeksang Award.

-I was surprised because both of them have more previous works than I thought ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Both of them fit their characters perfectly, so I like it!!

-I really liked Lee Jongwon after watching “Knight Flower”ㅠ Looking forward to his next work.

-Lee Jongwon’s next work, a romantic comedy, starts filming in May and will be broadcast in the second half of the year, so I’m looking forward to it.