Male Fan Harasses Female Idol on Communication App

Thinking about a 30-something male fan leaving comments like this for TripleS’s Soomin, who was born in 2007, is unsettling…

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‘I want to crash into Soomin’s lips and make her go ‘Oop.. Oop’!!’

(Soomin’s response): Yare yare

That TripleS member is said to be born in 2007…

-What the f*ck?? That’s disgusting;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

-That’s really gross, yuck

-That kind of person should be banned. It’s really disgusting.

-I’m going to throw up…

-That’s not a fan.

-Why are these creeps always flocking to them? Are they insane?

-Crazy bastard

-So disgustingㅡㅡ Does he even realize that he’s harassing her?

-The company should monitor and blacklist such people immediately.

-Wow, that’s truly disgusting. Sending messages like that to a minor… He’s out of his mind.

-Is he insane?

-Just die already

-Ew… Why is he doing this to a kid?

-This should really be reported for sexual harassment, it’s disgusting.

-Where does it say the fan who left that comment is a 30-year-old man?