MAMAMOO Hwasa Doppelganger Takes Over Social Media— Are They Long-Lost Twins?

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In the realm of viral sensations, the world of TikTok often takes center stage. However, a recent phenomenon involving a TikToker has caught the attention of K-pop enthusiasts worldwide.

This digital sensation revolves around the uncanny resemblance between a TikToker and none other than MAMAMOO’s Hwasa.

A Recognized Resemblance

 A TikTok user with the handle @leyna.jay shared a video of herself dancing to Hwasa’s latest hit, “I Love My Body.” Little did she know that this video would send shockwaves across social media platforms.

In a mere three days, the video amassed an astonishing 2.3 million views, propelling @leyna.jay into the spotlight.

Internet users from around the globe were quick to point out the striking resemblance between @leyna.jay and the beloved K-pop star, Hwasa.

But it wasn’t just physical appearance that drew attention. @leyna.jay appeared to have mastered the art of emulating Hwasa’s signature facial expressions and gestures.

Viewers marveled at her ability to replicate the singer’s unique smiles and mannerisms. Compliments on her beauty and skill poured in from fans and netizens alike.


(Photo : tiktok.Leyna Jay)

Many even tagged Hwasa herself in the post, hopeful that the singer would discover her doppelganger. Comments flooded in, expressing amazement at the likeness, with some even debating if it was truly Hwasa or not. 

Netizens’ comments:

  • “Enough… Hwasa, Please confirm that she is ur twin. U can’t hide anymore.”
  • “Im convinced this hwasa 2nd page ur so beautiful”
  • “I thought you was hwasa for a minute”
  • “even the facial expressions is on point!!!”
  • “The facial expresions are SO on point”

Interestingly, it appears that @leyna.jay’s resemblance to Hwasa has been recognized for some time. In a March 2023 post, she uploaded a video morphing into photos of Hwasa, offering a striking visual testament to their likeness.

As the internet buzzes with excitement over this newfound TikTok sensation, the question lingers: do you see the resemblance?

In a digital world where the extraordinary becomes commonplace, @leyna.jay’s resemblance to Hwasa is undoubtedly a remarkable spectacle.

Meanwhile,In a stunning revelation, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa disclosed the pivotal reason behind her exclusive contract with Psy’s agency, P NATION. The revelation unfolded during her appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star,” broadcast.