MAMAMOO Hwasa Emerges Victorious as Charges in ‘Obscene Performance’ Scandal Dropped

In a recent development, MAMAMOO Hwasa has been exonerated of charges related to the controversial “obscene performance” that transpired at Sungkyunkwan University in May.

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After a meticulous investigation into the nature of her performance and a comprehensive review of statements from Hwasa and relevant authorities, the decision was made not to pursue charges for public indecency.

Analyzing the Investigation

The conclusion stemmed from the realization that categorizing the act as a criminal offense would be challenging. The prosecution had previously suspended the case, acknowledging that while the particular gesture in question raised eyebrows, it constituted only a brief moment within a two-hour concert.

The “obscene performance” controversy ignited significant public discourse, bringing into focus the boundaries of artistic expression.

Some contended that the act was provocative and unsuitable, while others defended it as a form of artistic expression and an embodiment of freedom of speech.


(Photo : Instagram) Hwasa

Throughout the course of the investigation, Hwasa steadfastly maintained her innocence and expressed regret for any discomfort it may have caused.


(Photo : Instagram) Hwasa

She clarified that her intent was not to offend anyone but rather to convey a message through her performance.The decision to absolve Hwasa of charges has evoked mixed reactions among the public 

MAMAMOO Hwasa Garners Support from Fans

Supporters perceive it as a victory for artistic freedom, asserting that artists should have the liberty to express themselves without the specter of censorship or legal repercussions.

  • “Finally justice prevails! So glad to hear that Hwasa has been cleared of the charges. It was ridiculous to label her performance as obscene in the first place.”
  • “I knew it! Hwasa’s performance was bold and empowering, not obscene. This controversy was blown out of proportion.”
  • “Hwasa is a talented artist who knows how to push boundaries. It’s great to see that the authorities recognized that her performance was not obscene.”
  • “This whole controversy was just an attempt to silence a strong, confident woman like Hwasa. So happy she’s been cleared!”
  • “Hwasa’s performance was artistic and thought-provoking. It’s a relief that she doesn’t have to face any legal consequences for expressing herself.”

This case serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing debate encompassing artistic expression and the delicate balance between pushing the boundaries of creativity and overstepping them.

It underscores the importance of fostering open dialogue and mutual understanding between artists, audiences, and society as a whole.

As MAMAMOO’s Hwasa moves forward from this contentious chapter, the impact on her career remains uncertain. Will she continue to explore the limits of artistic expression, or will she exercise caution in her future performances? Only time will unveil the trajectory she chooses.

Meanwhile, in a show, MAMAMOO Hwasa revealed her position about the controversy for the first time after being sued for “public indecency” by a parent org due to her “R-19” performance.