MAMAMOO Solar Shares Diet Hack That Maintains Her Stunning Figure

Mamamoo’s Solar, the popular K-pop idol and vocalist, recently divulged her diet plan to fans through a YouTube video on her channel, ‘Solarsido’. In a candid revelation, Solar detailed her six-week-long journey towards achieving her fitness goals.

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The video, titled ‘Solar’s Diet Cheese Gratin Recipe’, not only showcased her culinary skills but also shed light on the dietary strategies she employs to maintain her health and physique.

Mamamoo’s Solar Shares Her Diet Secret: An Inside Look at Her Regimen

At the heart of Solar’s dietary routine lies a morning ritual featuring apple cider vinegar.Emphasizing its significance, Solar elucidated how she begins her day by consuming a cup of this potent elixir. Citing its benefits, she noted, “The reason she eats apple cider vinegar is because it helps lower her blood sugar.”

(Photo : Instagram|@solarkeem)

This revelation underscores her conscious effort towards managing her blood sugar levels, a crucial aspect of her dietary regimen.

Solar further elaborated on the efficacy of apple cider vinegar in weight management, attributing its role to suppressing carbohydrates and other elements conducive to weight gain.

Encouraging her viewers to adopt this practice, she remarked, “It is said that drinking a spoonful of olive oil or extra virgin olive oil has the same effect, so I think you can drink it according to your preference.”

(Photo : Instagram|@solarkeem)

Solar’s endorsement of these natural remedies underscores her holistic approach to wellness, advocating for accessible and sustainable dietary practices.

Diving Into Solar’s Fitness Journey: A Testament to Dedication

Solar’s commitment to her diet regimen is evident through her persistence and dedication over the past six weeks.


(Photo : Youtube|@solarsido)

As she embarked on her journey towards a healthier lifestyle, Solar embraced the challenges and opportunities for growth that accompanied her dietary transformation.

By sharing her experiences with her audience, Solar not only demystifies the process of achieving fitness goals but also fosters a sense of solidarity among her fans, inspiring them to pursue their wellness aspirations with determination and resilience.

Beyond Music: Solar’s Multifaceted Pursuits

While Solar is celebrated for her remarkable contributions to the music industry as a member of Mamamoo, her endeavors extend beyond the realm of music.

Through her YouTube channel ‘Solarsido’, Solar offers fans a glimpse into her multifaceted persona, showcasing her talents in cooking, fitness, and lifestyle.


By leveraging her platform to share her insights and experiences, Solar fosters a deeper connection with her audience, transcending the boundaries of entertainment to impart valuable lessons on health and wellness.

Mamamoo’s Solar’s recent revelation of her diet plan offers a fascinating insight into her commitment to health and fitness. By incorporating natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar into her daily routine, Solar exemplifies a holistic approach to wellness that resonates with her audience.

As fans continue to follow her journey, Solar’s candid revelations serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, reinforcing the importance of perseverance and self-care in achieving one’s fitness goals.