Manager hints at Red Velvet’s upcoming comeback, suggesting a good sign regarding contract renewal process

Red Velvet is expected to make a comeback this year with their third full album

On September 14th, the YouTube channel “Ssulply” uploaded a new content video titled “SM industry secrets told by KEY, a 16-year veteran of SM”. SHINee Key appeared in the video as a guest.

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Lee Seok Hoon visited SM Entertainment building with Key to meet with a manager known as “MOVE” manager and have a talk.

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When asked how he prepared the “MOVE” dance video, the manager shared, “I was the youngest in the SHINee team”, then introduced that he is currently in charge of Red Velvet.

Regarding the future schedule of Red Velvet, the manager said, “Red Velvet’s comeback is coming up and I’ve been preparing for that. Please look forward to their comeback, everyone”. However, he refused to comment on the exact schedule.

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Earlier, during the live broadcast to celebrate Red Velvet’s 9th debut anniversary, Yeri said they were preparing for the third full album with the goal of making a comeback in the second half of this year.

In addition, Seulgi has also renewed her contract with SM last month. Therefore, expectations for Red Velvet to resume activities and make a grand comeback are rising.

While fans are worrying about the members’ contract renewal, the fact that Red Velvet’s manager directly mentioned the group’s comeback has further reassured fans that Red Velvet would continue their activities as a whole group.

Source: Nate