Mark Tuan Music To Set Your Mood Right For “The Other Side In Manila”

Filipino Ahgases, you are doted! A night of amazing music with Mark Tuan is sealed!

Brought to fans by Pulp Live World, MARK TUAN ‘THE OTHER SIDE OF ASIA’ TOUR will be held at SM North EDSA Skydome

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Mark Tuan, is widely recognized for his exceptional rap skills and has contributed numerous rap verses to many of GOT7’s songs. He is a well-known KPOP idol around the world, boasting an impressive Instagram follower of 14 million and 3 million YouTube subscribers.

He has also released numerous songs, including “One in a Million”, “Lonely”, “Far Away”, and more, with a substantial viewership on his official YouTube videos.

Tickets are priced as follows:

  • Royalty Standing – 13,300
  • VIP Standing – 10,500
  • VIP Seated – 8, 500
  • Regular Seated – 5,500

Tickets are available on SM Tickets outlets nationwide or via

Make sure to mark this playlist before you meet Mark Tuan at The Other Side in Manila!


Singing about loneliness after a breakup, “You look at the surface. It’s not what it seems. Being alone has a purpose”, Mark Tuan gave sensible dating advice in this track that people should really pick up.


A relatable situation for people going through a breakup, “imysm” explores the regret and pain of not being able to get back with someone you took for granted. Mark Tuan sings, “No, I never knew that I would get this lowI guess I should’ve loved you more,” and it cuts deep to everyone yearning for what they cannot return to anymore.

My Life

Giving doses of meaningful messages about self-love, “My Life” expresses the sentiments of being chained by the opinions of other people. “I tried everything to please you. I forgot to think of me too. I woke up and realized that this is my life. And every time that I felt hopeless. I fucked myself up to keep on going And I never realized that this is my life.”

Save Me

If you are tired of a relationship loop of fighting and making up or if you can’t move past a situationship, then play “Save Me” when you are with that person. The catchy and straightforward lyrics say “Cause I’m too fucked upAnd I’m too crazy. If you love me. Please just save me.”

Last Breath

Never allow someone or something to have a hold on you, “Last Breath” conveys the suffocation one feels in this situation. “One last breath in me. I know you wanna take it away. You got your hands around my throat. So I only breathe when I’m alone. There’s none left in me. You don’t really care either way. It’s hard to inhale when you’re too close. So I only breathe when I’m alone.

Source: Pulp Live World