“Characteristics of people who have a hard time making friends

1. They don’t like approaching people first

2. They don’t share deep stories about themselves

3. They don’t feel loneliness

4. They are firm about their beliefs

5. Their criteria for calling someone their friend is high”

2. They don’t share deep stories about themselves – I trusted people too much and told them about myself just to be cut off and have rumors spread about me. So that’s why I stopped sharing about myself.

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1. [+73, 0]

Talking about your deep thoughts will become your weakness

2. [+55, 0]

As I age, friends who are compatible with me would also change… it’s a relief if we don’t cut ties. I don’t even think of hanging out with them and I don’t particularly want to hang out with them either

3. [+52, -7]

I’m not like this but I don’t have friends because friendships are a pain to make. If we hang out, I have to be on alert not to say anything offensive and I don’t care about others either. Staying home is the best

4. [+38, -7]

Huh? I’m totally the opposite of this but I have no friends but I don’t want to make friends either

5. [+25, -1]

In my 20’s I used to put so much effort to maintain relationships but now that I’m in my 30’s everything is just suuuuuuuch a pain so I just want to be alone and it’s also the most comfortable…. I personally think that I don’t need friendsㅠ