[marriage & in-laws] LEE HYORI’S WEIRD WAY OF TALKING

Hyuna: If I don’t wear makeup..ㅎㅎ”

Lee Hyori: So you become a baby?

Uhm Junghwa: But babies like her..

Lee Hyori: What baby? She’s how old already

Hyuna: I’m currently, 32…

Lee Hyori: Ah you’re only 32? How long have you been promoting?

Hyuna: 17 years

Lee Hyori: You’ve been promoting for 17 years and you’re only 32?

Hyuna: Whenever I go on broadcast, everyone is so…

Lee Hyori: Young right? 

Hyuna: They’re all half …

Lee Hyori: Half your age?

Hyuna: There’s no one I can be close with…

Lee Hyori: But even when we go, there’s no one to be close with, it’s hard to treat them, you know what I mean right?


She’s the one who brought up the whole baby thing.. 

And Uhm Junghwa just answered back at her 

She’s the one who called Hyuna a baby and then fires back at Uhn Junghwa for calling Hyuna a baby

The staff and Hyuna were all there but she kept cutting everyone off

Uhm Junghwa just awkwardly laughed and left, it was so sad to see

It’s nice that she made a place for Hyuna to sit next to her, but she really needs to pay more attention to how she talks

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1. [+303, -11]

She’s like those aunts who will do anything to pick on you during holidays, she’d give me PTSD

2. [+283, -21]

The female Lee Hwijae

3. [+266, -7]

Lee Hyori and Uhm Junghwa are close and I know that, but she always cuts her off when she’s talking, which is off putting. I can just see that Uhn Junghwa is someone really kindㅋㅋ

4. [+236, -5]

Uhn Junghwa is too kind 

5. [+220, -9]

If you watched Dancing Queens on the Road, you’d realize how much of a saint Uhn Junghwa is, I feel bad for her