There are 5 of my colleagues who are married and every single one of them have advised me against it 

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They say that once you get married, women do more than half of the household work. 

And they do it because they’re being told to do it, and in the end, the fact that they’re being told stuff becomes stressful

Since you’ll end up being the one doing everything, it’s better to just not get married at all

Right now, I have a boyfriend and we’re discussing about being married 

And whenever I hear things like that from my coworkers, I would be stressed

Is it really like that for everyone?

Of course, there are husbands with good family values and do house chores

but I don’t think my boyfriend is this type of man 

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1. [+269, -15]

The statement “women will take care of the house and the car” is just a fact ㅎㅎ Being a dual income owner is essential. In the past, thanks to the patriarchal system, men could be the only income earner of the family and it was fine, but right now, men aren’t even able to feed for themselves anymore, meanwhile, they’re still trying to embrace the patriarchy structure of their dads ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just go check the birth rate ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+244, -10]

I got married last year at the age of 29. It’s true. All my friends were telling me not to get married, but whenever they did so, I didn’t listen to them at all. Since having a child, I have even more work to do and my in-laws started interfering so much it’s gotten freaking bad. It’s a woman’s loss. I do a lot more housework and I do a lot more work during holidays too. It’s not for nothing that people don’t get married anymore nowadays

3. [+244, -10]

Married people tell you not to do it because life after marriage is harder than life when they were single, but honestly, people who have never been married will never understand no matter how much you tell them. If you want to understand, just get married and see for yourself. Before marriage, you only have to take care of yourself, but after marriage, you have to take care of your husband as well and your life becomes even harder It’s hard to take care of yourself, but trying to take care of others…. It’s also very stressful to worry about your husband’s parents. But don’t worry about what others say, and after you get married, you can realize, “Oh, I understand why you said that back then.”

4. [+202, -9]

Unless your boyfriend is the type to stay alone and keep things tidy and cook for himself already, the woman will continue to work after marriage ╋ Taking care of herself after work (cooking, washing, and cleaning)╋ Taking care of an adult man who makes a mess╋ Taking care of an adult man’s parents (It depends on how much they want, but there are cases where people still want to receive a birthday present and are forced to do ancestral rituals in their own home. Look at Kim Dae-ho. Even if he seems hip and an individualist he still follows traditions and rituals .) ╋ When the child is born, take care of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and childcare education (the mother will be the one contacted by a daycare kindergarten) During the breastfeeding period, the child becomes attached to the mother, so it becomes like chewing gum stuck on their moms ╋ You also have to meal plan for your kid. This is why there are many married women who want their daughters to enjoy life without getting married. But if as for me, I met a man who is more meticulous than me and is better at cleaning and organizing, so I can divide up the household chores well, in this case, if your husband is able to divide house chores and takes some away from you, it’s better to get married. Tidying up, cleaning, home education of the original family… you really need to pay attention to these things.

5. [+135, -10]

I’m also single, you only end up knowing these things once you get married ㅠㅠ Even for one thing to clean, it will start becoming stressful to even clean that one thing. If you live together, sleep together, use the bathroom, take out the trash, wash the dishes… etc. For reference, I share a bathroom with my boyfriend and I don’t even want to sit on the toilet bowl ㅠㅠ