“Marry My Husband” Actors Look Like Dad and Daughter Despite Short Age Gap?

Recently, tvN series “Marry My Husband” has been drawing huge attention. The drama revolves around the revenge of a woman, who was killed by her incompetent and cheating husband, but was sent back to the past when she was not yet married. 

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In “Marry My Husband”, actress Song Ha-yoon is one of the four main cast members, playing the former “best friend” of the female lead. Song Ha-yoon’s character, Soo-min, is portrayed as having an innocent and pure beauty, endearing herself to everyone around her. However, in reality, Soo-min is cunning, deceitful, and willing to do anything to advance. She is also extremely jealous of the female lead, constantly trying to stab the latter behind her back.

marry my husband

As a contract employee, Soo-min tried to become a regular staff member by seducing the group leader Kim Kyung-wook, who is in his mid-40s.

In the series, Soo-min is portrayed as 31 years old, while Kyung Wook (played by Kim Jong-hee) is over 40. However, with her youthful and innocent appearance, Soo-min looks like she is in her early 20s. That’s why when these two characters appear together, they look like… dad and daughter.

Kim Jong Hee marry my husband

However, despite looking like dad and daughter in “Marry My Husband”, Song Ha-yoon and Kim Jong-hee are around the same age. In fact, their age gap is only 2 years, with Ha-yoon born in 1986 and Kim Jong-hee born in 1984. 

Upon learning about this age gap, a lot of viewers were extremely shocked.

Song Ha Yoon
Song Ha-yoon’s age-defying appearance.

Source: K14