Marry My Husband Episode 14 Recap and Review: Kang Ji-won’s Plan to Seduce Park Min-hwan

Marry My Husband Episode 14 Recap and Review: Ji-won understands that she needs to seduce Min-hwan to save Joo-ran, but Ji-hyuk has found a better way. Directed by Park Won-gook, Seong So-jak’s manhua adaptation of the same name stars Park Min-young, Na In-woo, Lee Yi-kyung, Song Ha-yoon, Lee Gi-kwang, and Gong Min-jung, alongside other cast members.

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Marry My Husband (내 남편과 결혼해줘) tells the story of Kang Ji-won whose life takes a turn when she discovers her husband having an affair with her best friend. However, before she can do anything about it, she is sent to death. That is when she wakes up to find herself 10 years in the past with a chance to make things right. But will she find something more than just revenge?

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A woman who was murdered after witnessing her husband’s affair with her best friend, returns to ten years ago and begins her second life.

-Marry My Husband Episode 14 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Marry My Husband Episode 14 Recap

Ji-hyuk is brought back home and Ji-won is ready to make sure that he is right during his recovery period. As she worries about his well-being, Ji-hyuk hugs her and calms her down while the two begin talking about Yu-ra, Su-min, and how Ji-won’s fate has been passed onto Joo-ran. Ji-won shows her determination to help Joo-ran during this time and only wants Ji-hyuk to stand next to him.

Elsewhere, Joo-ran tries to gather evidence of her husband’s infidelity while Suk-joon scolds Ji-hyuk for falling into Yu-ra’s trap knowing what she was up to. Now, the only way to properly trap Yu-ra and Min-hwan would be through catching Su-min’s father. Suk-joon then asks why Ji-hyuk is still wearing the sling and Ji-hyuk says that he needs to wear it for as long as Ji-won feels it is needed, plus he can get a benefit from this.

The scene then changes to Ji-won taking care of Ji-hyuk, from feeding him to being easygoing with his whims. However, Ji-hyuk soon gets caught but Ji-won doesn’t mind this side of him either. Soon, Ji-won returns to work alongside Joo-ran, which leaves Min-hwan shocked as he is unable to understand why Ji-won is behaving like nothing happened.

Marry My Husband Episode 14 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 14 still

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He calls Yu-ra to talk about this but she tells him to calm down, but after the call, she reaches out to Su-min’s father and plans to get rid of them so that no traces are left behind. Meanwhile, Joo-ran tells Ji-won and Hee-yeon that she will be getting her husband arrested for infidelity and plans on taking the police to their house tonight.

She has already broken the lock and told her husband that she will be in the hospital; but listening to this, Ji-won is determined to accompany her. Later, the two women along with police officers enter her house but fail to see them in a compromising situation which makes Joo-ran’s case weaker.

However, Ji-won on the other hand sees a scene that reminds her of her final moments in her previous life. The fallen candy, the red heels, and also the table that eventually led her to her death. Joo-ran’s husband tries to drive them away when Joo-ran fails to prove his infidelity, however, Ji-won breaks the table in case something were to go wrong.

Joo-ran’s husband sees her walking towards him with the golf club in her hand and screams for the police to enter which causes chaos inside the house. Suddenly, he pushes Joo-ran and she falls towards the table but is saved because Ji-won had already broken the table. Later, the two end up at the police station where Joo-ran tells Ji-won that she will fight her way out of this mess on her own from here on.

Suk-joon and Ji-hyuk also arrive and overhear this after which the former promises to help Joo-ran during this time. Later, Ji-won tells Ji-hyuk about how everything during that time was the same as her last moments which has made her understand that to save Joo-ran she will have to seduce Min-hwan. Only when Min-hwan no longer cares about Su-min and cheats on her will Joo-ran be able to escape her fate.

Marry My Husband Episode 14 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 14 still

Ji-hyuk is not happy about this but he promises to help her in any way he can. The next day, Ji-won begins her plan with Ji-hyuk and the two put up a break-up act in front of Min-hwan which makes him think that he has a way to get back together with Ji-won and get his hands on her wealth.

The two later meet for drinks and Ji-won shows a paranoid side which makes Min-hwan sure that he can get her back. She makes him believe in her act and Min-hwan soon falls into her trap. However, Ji-hyuk is unable to get through this plan and thinks of other ways. Meanwhile, Su-min meets Kyung-wook who tells her to be careful as Min-hwan and Ji-won could be having an affair behind her back.

Su-min takes his words seriously and her doubts are confirmed when Min-hwan asks her for divorce later that night. The next day, Eun-ho is shocked to find out that the restaurant he works at has been closed and Yu-ra is the new owner. She tells him to join her but he refuses her offer which leaves him unemployed.

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Hee-yeon meets him during this time and remembers that they are looking for a chef for the meal-kit project. She takes him to her company and tells Ji-won about the plan which is welcomed by her. Eun-ho then tells Ji-won about Yu-ra and what happened and she tells Ji-hyuk about the same.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyuk meets Yu-ra’s subordinate and makes him realise that Yu-ra will soon be in big trouble. Thus, he agrees to help Ji-hyuk and hands over a pair of red heels and a box of candies to Yu-ra. Ji-hyuk tells Ji-won that she no longer has to put up an act with Min-hwan as he is already having an affair with Yu-ra and he has made sure to create the scene that will bring Min-hwan and Su-min’s downfall.

Marry My Husband Episode 14 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 14 still

Marry My Husband Episode 14 Ending

Ji-won is relieved by this and gives Min-hwan a good scolding before cutting off all connections with him. Elsewhere, Yu-ra puts Su-min’s father and his lover to death following which she receives a call from Su-min. Meanwhile, Ji-won is working until later when she suddenly gets paranoid due to a suspicious phone call.

She feels the presence of someone in the office which makes her hide and soon after Min-hwan arrives. He tries to find Ji-won and even turns her phone off while speaking of how Ji-won has toyed with him. He soon finds her and stops her from escaping. Ji-won doesn’t hide away any longer and tells him that it was he who tried to kill her which made her do what she did.

She is ready to show them hell and promises Min-hwan that if he doesn’t kill her then she will. This is all it takes to trigger Min-hwan as he grabs her neck and begins to choke her. Ji-won soon loses consciousness but not before Ji-hyuk arrives and saves her on time.

Marry My Husband Episode 14 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 14 still

Marry My Husband Episode 14 Review

We are almost near the finale of the Kdrama and the thrill is intensifying as Ji-won and Ji-hyuk’s team is ready to make sure that no one escapes their wrath. This episode has tested our patience but also made it clear that Ji-won can do anything she wants and Ji-hyuk will be there to help her out.

Meanwhile, Su-min and Yu-ra have proved to be some of the craziest antagonists out there and their teaming up is only pointing out that the drama is soon to end. Plus, it seems like Min-hwan is also going crazy with these two women by his side which also explains the way this episode ended.

On the other hand, Joo-ran also deserves a happy ending and we hope that we get to see her get the ending that she deserves. Altogether, this was another beautiful episode which gave us some very cute Ji-won Ji-hyuk moments that we all deserved after the last few episodes.

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