Marry My Husband Episode 4 Recap and Review: Ji-hyeok Returns to Save the One He Loves

Marry My Husband Episode 4 Recap and Review: The Korean romance fantasy brings the journey of Kang Ji-won who gets a second chance to live her life. Directed by Park Won-gook, Seong So-jak’s manhua adaptation of the same name stars Park Min-young, Na In-woo, Lee Yi-kyung, Song Ha-yoon, Lee Gi-kwang, and Gong Min-jung, alongside other cast members.

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Marry My Husband (내 남편과 결혼해줘) tells the story of Kang Ji-won whose life takes a turn when she discovers her husband having an affair with her best friend. However, before she can do anything about it, she is sent to death. That is when she wakes up to find herself 10 years in the past with a chance to make things right. But will she find something more than just revenge?

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A woman who was murdered after witnessing her husband’s affair with her best friend, returns to ten years ago and begins her second life.

-Marry My Husband Episode 4 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Marry My Husband Episode 4 Recap

Following Eun-ho’s confusion which leaves Ji-won shocked, Ji-hyeok calls her for some work and helps her hurry away from there, but not before exchanging numbers with Eun-ho. Ji-won soon makes her way to the place Ji-hyeok called her to and is shocked by the advertising strategy he is using which is futuristic according to the times.

He asks her to support his opinion when talking to some people as they are not ready to go along with his plan. Soon, an executive of the company arrives and Ji-won identifies him as the “mole” executive who went viral for abusing his employees. She gets a first-hand experience with him when he calls her a beauty with no brain, however, she soon proves him wrong.

This makes him angry but before he can say anything, Ji-hyeok intervenes and supports Ji-won by showing off the capabilities that come along her beauty. Seeing this leaves Ji-won happy as she thanks him for his supportive words, to which Ji-hyeok says that he did this because of her kindness.

Marry My Husband Episode 4 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 4 still

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Meanwhile, the mood at the reunion has fallen after Ji-won’s exit while Su-min blames the people there for bullying Ji-won while trying to avoid responsibility. However, the people don’t buy what she says and silently leave when she goes to the washroom. This leaves Su-min angry as she promises to hit back Ji-won for what she has done.

Elsewhere, Ji-won shares a warm conversation with Ji-hyeok as the two laughingly go towards her house, along the way Ji-won blocks calls from Su-min and Min-hwan. However, they spot the two near her house and seeing Ji-won hide from them, Ji-hyeok laughs and takes a detour. Meanwhile, Su-min begins her plan to lure Min-hwan to get together with her.

On the other hand, Ji-won and Ji-hyeok continue to spend the evening together as Ji-won talks about her plans for the future and the things she wants to do. One of the things she wants to learn is self-defence and Ji-hyeok volunteers to teach her which makes her laugh as he doesn’t look like someone fit for the role.

This leaves Ji-hyeok speechless while Ji-won tells him that he looks good without his glasses which leaves an impression on his mind. Elsewhere, Su-min complains about Ji-won to Min-hwan who tries to resolve the matter while finding himself getting attracted to her. Meanwhile, Ji-hyeok drops Ji-won home and tries to subtly hint at not rushing into a marriage which is not caught by Ji-won.

She then goes back home and sees a design left behind for the interior by Hee-yeon who suggests she move to some other place which is caught on by Ji-won. Right then, she receives messages from Su-min who tries to reason with her but she tells her to talk the next day. Next, a call from Min-hwan arrives and Ji-won picks it up only to hear Su-min’s voice.

Marry My Husband Episode 4 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 4 still

Min-hwan then texts her trying to defend Su-min and Ji-won only tells him to take her home. Next, she gets a call from Eun-ho who tells her that he had received a reply to his letter to her which made him shout at her back in school. This shocks Ji-won as she never received a letter or replied to anything back then. She then plans to meet him and asks him to get the letter which he has kept until now.

The next day, Ji-won surprises everyone with her makeover, making Min-hwan the happiest as he receives compliments from his colleagues for finding such a beautiful and capable girlfriend. Ji-hyeok too is surprised when he sees that Ji-won has continued with her changed appearance and almost tries to stop her before realising what he is saying.

However, Ji-hyeok’s actions are seen by Min-hwan and make him think that Ji-hyeok has feelings for Ji-won. He then tries to talk to Ji-won about the same while trying to get closer to her, only for the conversation to come to an end when Ji-won pours her drink on him. Min-hwan rushes to clean up while Su-min arrives and tries to talk to Ji-won.

She once again tries to clear the air between the two and Ji-won understands her motive easily; thus, she accepts her reason while leaving her with fear by talking about her meeting with Eun-ho. Su-min then questions if Min-hwan would feel jealous about her meeting and Ji-won takes this opportunity to put Min-hwan on a pedestal and make Su-min envy her more.

Later, Ji-hyeok catches Ji-won near the elevator and questions her about her change to which she says that she is doing this for herself. She feels better about herself after making this change which makes her happy. Ji-hyeok finally feels relieved to know that Ji-won didn’t change for Min-hwan and points out to her that he is wearing contacts because of what she told him.

Marry My Husband Episode 4 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 4 still

This amuses Ji-won as she suggests he take care of his style too as that would make a bigger change in his image Ji-hyeok once again takes her suggestion and plans to put in more effort. Later, Ji-won thinks about what Min-hwan told her about Ji-hyeok having feelings for her. This makes her flustered but she then sees Ji-hyeok with Hee-yeon which reminds her of a rumour which spread in her previous life.

Thus, she begins assuming that the two are in a relationship and kicks out the thoughts brought into her mind by Min-hwan. Elsewhere, Hee-yeon meets her and Ji-hyeok’s grandfather and talks about her shopping experience with Ji-hyeok. The two then leave for the evening, while his grandfather asks his assistant for information on the girl Ji-hyeok likes.

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Marry My Husband Episode 4 Ending

Later that night, Ji-hyeok tests different martial arts styles to see which is suitable to teach Ji-won. Following this, he sees the blue heart mark on his chest which appeared when he was given a second chance at life. He is aware that this second chance has something to do with Ji-won after he sees the blue heart on the 10,000 Won note she showed him.

He once again remembers his previous life when he attended Ji-won’s funeral and found out that it was Min-hwan and Su-min who were responsible for her death. He remembers the people from her school discussing the same and getting more information about the life Ji-won had been living.

However, when returning from the funeral, Ji-hyeok gets into an accident and wakes up 10 years in the past, seven days after Ji-won’s return.

Marry My Husband Episode 4 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 4 still

Marry My Husband Episode 4 Review

Ji-hyeok’s truth is out and we finally know why he has been acting strange lately, being more proactive and a different person from what Ji-won remembers. As he takes over the spotlight in today’s episode, we are certain that Ji-hyeok’s character is going to make us cry our hearts out as we welcome another in the green-flag club.

Meanwhile, Ji-won continues to make us smile with her actions and words, and we too are hoping for Min-hwan and Su-min to get together as soon as possible so that we can see Ji-won’s love story begin. And she is certainly ready for the same as two men are ready to pursue her officially.

On the other hand, fans of the webtoon surely had a happy moment in this episode with Pang the cat appearing for the first time in front of us all. While Ji-hyeok’s return scene to the past has certainly changed in some ways and made us a little sad, the cat who is the cupid for our lead couple has left us excited for the upcoming episodes.

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