“Marry My Husband” Episode 4 Reveals Another Character Living A Second Life

Determined to live her second life to the fullest, Ji-won goals to speed up the process of her cheating boyfriend and best friend.

It also turns out that another person was also given the same rebirth opportunity similar to Ji-won.

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Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband Episode 4 Highlights

On D-Day of the high school reunion which Ji-won confronted bravely, her first love Eun-ho showed up to reveal he never dated Su-min.

Meeting again, Eun-ho gets her number while Ji-hyuk watches them from afar. He calls Ji-won to break the reunion for a work-related launch of a new media product.

There they had to summon patience for an executive with crude behavior.

“Don’t get into the habit of comforting others.”

While driving back to Ji-won’s place, Ji-hyuk reminds her that she can’t please everyone. Understanding it better based on her experience, she also promises not to be good to people who treat her bad.

The next day at work, Ji-won’s transformation attracts attention. Min-hwan who feels happy about the attention his girlfriend is getting asked her to meet and mentions he thinks Ji-hyuk likes her. To avoid his intimate move, she had to intentionally push a cup of coffee for him to leave.

Next, Ji-won converses with Su-min and rides on her lies. She tells her that she will meet Eun-ho to clarify things. Previously, Ji-won learns about a response to a love letter that she did not do. She asks him to bring it when they meet.

Interestingly, it is not only Ji-won who is living a new life, Ji-hyuk was also given another chance to redo his life. Apparently, the information about Eun-ho and Min-hwan’s affair with Su-min he learned at Ji-won’s future wake. He unfortunately died due to a car accident but was given another go at his life.

Marry My Husband Episode 4 Musings

The plot gets more interesting in Marry My Husband as Ji-won hopes for her cheating husband and best friend to end up tying the knot.

Why Ji-hyuk eyes Ji-won, if it is really love or part of his strategy in his new life, is yet to be confirmed.

We foresee confusing love situations since Eun-ho also enters the picture.

With her makeover, it could hinder Ji-won’s plan to rush Su-min and Min-hwan into their affair. Knowing her loser boyfriend, he wants to smooch off the benefits he can get from her thinking she’s madly in love with him.

Like Ji-won, speeding up the affair is an easy advocacy viewers can easily commit at this point in the story. Worrying about Ji-won’s possible love dilemma is another reason to engage in this drama.

Root for Ji-won’s second chance at life in Marry My Husband. International fans can watch it on Prime Video.


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