‘Marry My Husband’ Highlights Park Min Young’s Past and Present as Revenge Driven Wife

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tvN released a sneak peek of “Marry My Husband,” showcasing Park Min Young’s dual character.

As the actress returns to the small screen, fans are excited to see the Hallyu star take on a challenging character.

‘Marry My Husband’ Official Poster

On tvN’s official Instagram, the broadcast network showcased a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming series.

Marry My Husband

(Photo : tvN)

Based on a web novel of the same name written by Sung So Jak, “Marry My Husband” focuses on Kang Ji Won’s revenge, played by Park Min Young.

Other than being terminally ill, Ji Won experienced being cheated on by her husband, Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung), with her best friend, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon).

To make things worse, Kang Ji Won was killed by her husband after learning of the secret affair.

However, it seemed like luck was on Kang Ji Won’s side after she traveled back 10 years.

She used her second life as a way to get revenge against her husband and best friend through Yoo Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo).

The dashing man is the head of a department where Kang Ji Won works.

Will Kang Ji Won get the revenge she aims for?

With only weeks until the premiere date, TVN dropped the first official poster hinting at Park Min Young’s dual character.

As seen in the teaser, it illustrates Kang Ji Won’s past with her husband and present with Yoo Ji Hyeok.

At the same time, it featured Park Min Hwan’s hand reaching Jung Soo Min’s.

“A stormy life was a chance for Kang Ji Won to change his fate. The thread of destiny that surrounds your person Where does it end? ,” the caption reads.

In the comment section, fans can’t wait to see Park Min Young as she plays a challenging role in “Marry My Husband.”

Moreover, fans seemed to love Park Min Young’s new look for the upcoming K-drama.

Park Min Young’s Transformation in ‘Marry My Husband’

Other than her K-drama comeback, Park Min Young’s weight loss was noticed by the public.

It was after she landed on the rom-com K-drama “Love in Contract” with Go Kyung Pyo and Kim Jae Young.

At the time, Park Min Young’s weight loss sparked concern, with the public pointing out the huge change in her appearance.

However, little did everyone know that she was preparing for a new series.

The actress’ dedication is unmatched after she purposely shed a lot of weight and was down to 37 kg while filming the series.

Marry My Husband

(Photo : tvN)

Marry My Husband

(Photo : tvN)

On the other hand, “Marry My Husband” is slated to premiere on January 1 and will air via TVN and Netflix.