‘Marry My Husband’ Season 2: Viewers Want to Focus on Park Min Young, Na In Woo’s Children

Viewers can’t get enough of the craze, and want to see Park Min Young and Na In Woo return in “Marry My Husband” Season 2.

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Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN) Na In Woo, Park Min Young | Marry My Husband still

The 16-episode webtoon-based K-drama kept viewers hooked as it featured unexpected twists and turns of Kang Ji Won’s revenge.

Sadly, “Marry My Husband” finally said goodbye to viewers, but made sure to give them a satisfying finale.

This, however, raises the question of whether the revenge series will return with Season 2.

‘Marry My Husband’ Season 2: Viewers Want to See Kang Ji Won & Yoo Ji Hyuk’s Family in Possible Sequel

For seven weeks, the “Marry My Husband” cast entertained viewers with notable stories.

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the tvN weekday drama depicts the story of Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young), who was driven by her revenge against her husband Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung), and her best friend, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon).

With a second shot at life, she seized this as her opportunity to punish the people who betrayed her and give them what they deserved.

Interestingly, viewers were also drawn to Kang Ji Won and Yoo Ji Hyuk’s character growth in the second half of the series. Played by Na In Woo, Yoo Ji Hyuk is the U&K CEO, who knew about Ji Won’s secret. Like her, he was also living his second life, promising to use it to project Kang Ji Won.

In “Marry My Husband” Episode 16, viewers didn’t expect how Park Min Hwan ended up taking Kang Ji Won’s fate. The same went for Oh Yoo Ra (BoA), who experienced Yoo Ji Hyuk’s devastating ordeal with death.

However, amid the chaotic fate of Park Min Hwan, Oh Yoo Ra, and Jung Soo Min, Kang Ji Won and Yoo Ji Hyuk had a happily ever after.

The last few scenes in “Marry My Husband” Episode 16 showed Ji Won and Ji Hyuk as a couple.

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)
Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

From having a dreamy wedding to their twins and growing family of five, the couple truly deserves the blessings that they are experiencing in their second life.

With this, viewers are looking forward to having “Marry My Husband” Season 2, focusing on Ji Won and Ji Hyuk’s family.

Moreover, fans also think that the first season ended with a cliffhanger, which led to a slew of requests for renewal.

Will There Be ‘Marry My Husband’ Season 2?

As of this writing, tvN is yet to confirm if “Marry My Husband” Season 2 is possible. However, networks are also taking into consideration the popularity and ratings of the drama before confirming a new season.