‘Marry My Husband’ Team Reportedly Issues Strict Filming Policy on Last Filming Day

While “Marry My Husband” showcases the start of Park Min Young’s bold transformation, the production team is onto the show’s last filming day.

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However, with the last shooting day taking place, officials released a strict policy regarding unnecessary filming.

Last Filming Day of ‘Marry My Husband’ Follows Strict Rules to Avoid Spoilers

According to a local media outlet, the weekday K-drama is currently filming its last shooting day, with lead stars Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon, and Lee Gi Kwang present on the set.

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)
Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN )
Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)
Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

With this, the production team of “Marry My Husband” is adamant about the release of spoilers, considering that the show is only in its second week of broadcast.

To avoid this, they reportedly issued strict rules regarding the last day of filming. As mentioned, this is to prevent spoilers from being leaked online.

“Marry My Husband” gained huge popularity after the show aired its first two episodes.

After garnering an impressive rating of 5.2 percent for the pilot episode, the tvN series continues to hit high ratings.

For the show’s fourth episode, Nielsen Korea recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 7.6 percent, making it the new personal best since the premiere.

As a result, it is expected that “Marry My Husband” will continue to create a huge buzz as viewers and netizens get hooked on every episode.

Why Is ‘Marry My Husband’ Worth Watching?

Officially released on January 1, “Marry My Husband” is based on the web novel of the same name and focuses on the revenge of Kang Ji Won, played by Park Min Young.

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

In the 16-episode series, Kang Ji Won faces a tough time when she discovers her husband’s affair.

Dealing with her terminal illness, she found out that Park Min Hwan, played by Lee Yi Kyung, is having an affair with her best friend, Jung Soo Min, portrayed by Song Ha Yoon.

Apart from that, Min Hwan and Soo Min plan on getting Kang Ji Won’s insurance claims.

Because of her discovery, she was killed by her husband. 

However, she was stunned after waking up and living her second life. To make things more bizarre, she returns to ten years ago.

Joining in her revenge is U&K CEO Yoo Ji Hyuk, played by Na In Woo. The two team up to make Park Min Hwan and Jung Soo Min experience the life that Ji Won lived.

Apart from the amazing story, viewers were also delighted to see the cast members play interesting roles.

Lee Yi Kyung gains praise for his villain role. The same goes for Song Ha Yoon, who was once called the most hated K-drama character in 2024.

On top of it, “Marry My Husband” is Park Min Young’s first revenge series.