‘Marry My Husband’ Villain Song Ha Yoon Admired for Her ‘Crazy Performance’

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“Marry My Husband” lead star Song Ha Yoon impresses fans with her stellar acting as the drama’s villain. With only a few episodes left until the finale, the 37-year-old actress keeps receiving positive feedback, especially after her performance in Episode 13.

Without a doubt, Park Min Young delivers a Daesang-worthy performance in “Marry My Husband,” portraying the role of protagonist Kang Ji Won. But viewers were delighted to see her chemistry with Song Ha Yoon.

Song Ha Yoon
(Photo : tvN)

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)
Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

She takes on the character of Jung Soo Min, Ji Won’s best friend, who betrayed her by having an affair with her husband, Park Min Hwan, portrayed by Lee Yi Kyung.

In “Marry My Husband” Episode 13, it showed a deeper story on what prompted Jung Soo Min to destroy Kang Ji Won’s life.

‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 13 Shows Jung Soo Min’s Past

The plot thickens with new characters being introduced by the show.

Apart from BoA playing as the new antagonist, Oh Yoo Ra, the 13th episode dug deep into Kang Ji Won and Jung Soo Min’s friendship.

The episode revealed that Soo Min’s father had an affair with Ji Won’s mom, which was the reason he left their family.

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However, she was puzzled as to why, despite these unfortunate events, Kang Ji Won was loved by the people around her, and with this, she promised to take everything she had.

During their confrontation, Jung Soo Min revealed the reason behind her obsession with Kang Ji Won.

Notably the highlight of “Marry My Husband” Episode 13, viewers were drawn to Song Ha Yoon’s spectacular acting.

Song Ha Yoon Praised for Acting in ‘Marry My Husband’

On Twitter, netizens praised the impact of Song Ha Yoon’s scene with Park Min Young.

Marry My Husband
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Some even called it the “best scene” of the episode, and others admired the actress’ “crazy performance.”

Due to Song Ha Yoon’s acting range that she shows in “Marry My Husband,” viewers are expecting that she will get a nod or even an award for her role as Jung Soo Min.

Other than Twitter, online communities also discussed Song Ha Yoon’s acting in the tvN series. The majority of the comments pointed out how perfectly she delivered the scene.

Marry My Husband
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On top of it, viewers also wished that she would get a lead role next time.

Other than “Marry My Husband,” Song Ha Yoon has appeared in various K-dramas. Viewers might recognize her as Joo Ki Beum in “Devilish Joy” and the titular character in the ENA series “Oh! Youngsim.’