“Mask Girl” Lee Han Byeol, “Acting itself was exciting for me while living as Kim Mo Mi”

Actress Lee Han Byeol proved her star quality with a mysterious vibe in her latest pictorial with Singles

On September 19th, the magazine Singles released a pictorial of Lee Han Byeol, the rookie actor who played Kim Mo Mi in Netflix’s recent popular original series “Mask Girl.”

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In the pictorial, Lee Han Byeol shone with chic expressions, sensual poses, and dreamy eyes.

lee han byul

“I didn’t feel it was hard because I was just happy,” she said about the shooting of “Mask Girl,” adding, “The time before and after being Kim Mo Mi was not easy.”

“Before acting as Kim Mo Mi, it was hard because of the tension of completing the given task safely, and after that, things that I missed because I didn’t know were pushed back to me like an aftermath,” she said. “While living as Kim Mo Mi, acting itself was exciting.”

lee han byul

Lee Han Byeol, who just took her first step as an actress, said, “No matter how difficult daily life is, I treat acting as acting itself with a pure heart.”

“I believe I should live without blaming the difficulties of reality as ‘something I have to deal with because I chose to act,’” she added, expressing her sincerity toward acting.

Source; nate