Mask Girl” Lee Han Byul “I wasn’t particularly excited or happy after coming through a competition of 1,000 to 1

Actress Lee Han Byul shared her thoughts on the competition for “Mask Girl”

Rookie actress Lee Han Byul, who left a strong impression through Netflix’s “Mask Girl“, appeared on the Sep 16th broadcast of JTBC’s “Newsroom”.

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Anchor Kang Ji Young asked Lee Han Byul, “I heard this is your first TV appearance. How do you feel?” Lee Han Byul replied, “I don’t have a TV at home. I didn’t think much about it, but when I came here and saw the equipment, I suddenly got nervous.”

lee han byul

To the question “When ‘Mask Girl’ became a hot topic, did you start to feel the attention?“, Lee Han Byul said, “It’s a little strange that there are people who recognize me.”

When asked if she felt calm even when she was cast after coming through a competition of 1,000 to 1, Lee Han Byul confessed, “I don’t think that I became a greater person just because the number is large, or that the number represents my excellence. It was a process of finding the right person for the role, so I wasn’t particularly excited or happy because of the competition rate.

Regarding her makeup and acting with a mask, Lee Han Byul said, “It was not easy to talk when wearing the mask because it covered my face tightly. I thought a lot about how I look when wearing such a prop”.

lee han byul

When asked about her impression of Ahn Jae Hong’s “Aishiteru” confession scene, the actress shared, “It is important that one confesses with their sincere heart. But I don’t think I can accept such a confession in public”.

Lee Han Byul also mentioned her similarities with Kim Mo Mi in the drama. She said, “Mo Mi hosts live broadcasts to do whatever she wants. This character was created with the hope that anyone can be recognized and loved for their true selves. I think what I resemble Mo Mi is that I also try not to let go of myself and continue holding on to hopes.

Lastly, the actress said to herself after completing such a successful work, “You should continue learning while preparing your acting performance. I want to watch over you and support you”.

Source: Daum