Mask Girl” Lee Han Byul “It’s difficult to accept Ahn Jae Hong’s ‘Aishiteru’

Lee Han Byul mentioned Ahn Jae Hong’s confession attack scene

On the Sep 16th broadcast of JTBC’s “Newsroom”, actress Lee Han Byul of Netflix’s series “Mask Girl” expressed her thoughts on publicly confessing.

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lee han byul

In “Mask Girl”, the scene where Joo Oh Nam (Ahn Jae Hong) publicly confesses to Kim Mo Mi (Lee Han Byul) by shouting “Aishiteru” drew a lot of attention.

When asked “How would you feel if someone confessed to you publicly like that?“, Lee Han Byul caused laughter by replying, “It’s important that one confesses with their sincere heart. But I don’t think I can accept such a confession in public. I think I’ll just say ‘Please go in’ or ‘I’m sorry’.

lee han byul

Regarding the similarities between her and Kim Mo Mi, Lee Han Byul said, “Mo Mi hosts live broadcasts to do whatever she wants. This character was created with the hope that anyone can be recognized and loved for their true selves. I think what I resemble Mo Mi is that I also try not to let go of myself and continue holding on to hopes.”

Source: Nate