MAY 2024 KOREAN DRAMAS: “Frankly Speaking”, “The Midnight Romance”, “Uncle Samsik”, “Connection” & More

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An abundance of sweeping romance stories dominates May 2024 Korean Dramas!

If you are not much of a love tale fan, you can keep tabs on some highly anticipated thrilling and interesting stories from renowned and talented actors.

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Frankly Speaking | May 01

Frankly Speaking tells the story of wayward announcer, Song Ki-baek, whose life turns upside down when he meets passionate entertainment writer On Woo-joo.

Go Kyung Pyo plays the role of announcer Song Ki-baek, and Kang Han Na portrays On Woo-joo, an entertainment writer with 12 years of experience who depends on viewership ratings.

The Atypical Family | May 04

The Atypical Family is a fantasy romance about a man with extraordinary abilities yet unable to serve his purpose. It is also a story of a family with superpowers who have lost their rare abilities due to a chronic disease common to modern people and a woman who becomes intertwined as if by chance with them.

The Midnight Romance | May 11

The Midnight Romance depicts the exciting and sweet midnight romance between star instructor Seo Hye-jin (Jung Ryeo Won) and Lee Jun-ho (Wi Ha Jun), a cheeky student who appears as a new instructor. The romance that comes when night falls in Daechi-dong, as well as the colorful stories of academy instructors you didn’t know about, unfold interestingly.

Dare To Love Me | May 13

Dare to Love Me is an engaging story through the romance between a 21st-century Korean Confucian man who seems to have come out of a historical drama and a very realistic K-office worker who can be excessively immersive.

Crash | May 13

When a sub-unit within the police force is shunned by everyone and reports to no one, the team needs to work tirelessly to prove their superiority and save the day in Crash.

Repeatedly ignored by the rest of the force and considered a joke by many, the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) Team has long suffered in obscurity. But when a genius new team member joins the team, their fortunes begin to change.

A top mathematician with impeccable looks and next to no social skills, Cha Yeonho is the team’s newbie helping to turn things around. With his ability to simulate the exact cause of an accident using only the facts and his impressive cognitive abilities, Yeonho rapidly puts the team on the map. Still, when an incident from his past comes back to haunt him, Yeonho could once again cause TCI to fall from grace.

Uncle Samsik | May 15

Headlined by Song Kang Ho, and Byun Yo Han (Mr. Sunshine), Uncle Samsik is a societal drama set in 1960s Korea that follows an idealistic politician, and a mysterious political fixer called Uncle Samsik who operates in the shadows. Together the pair form an uneasy partnership to transform a struggling post-war Korea into a prosperous country where everyone can afford three meals a day.

The 8 Show | May 17

The 8 Show, is a thrilling new Netflix series that follows eight individuals trapped in a mysterious 8-story building, participating in a high-stakes show where the prize money goes up the longer they stay.

Bitter Sweet Hell | May 24

The series follows the story of a renowned family psychologist whose career and family are threatened by an unknown blackmailer. She cooperates with her mother-in-law, a mystery novel writer, to protect her family.

Dubbed a human black comedy with a story, writer Nam Ji-yeon of the web drama So I Married an Anti-Fan wrote the script, and producer Lee Dong-hyun of Doctor Lawyer and She Knows Everything takes the directorial seat.

Connection | May 24

In the drama, Ji Sung plays the role of Inspector Jang Jae-kyung of the narcotics team at Anhyeon Police Station, who receives the respect of juniors and the trust of seniors within the police force. He follows the mantra “Success without connections and support has no weaknesses”. Thus, he keeps his distance from friendships, police work, and family by staying away from things that he thinks are dangerous.

Portraying Oh Yun-jin, an opinionated and outspoken reporter in the social affairs department of Anhyun Economic Daily is Jeon Mi Do. She is a Joan of Arc-like character who rushes at old-fashioned comments regardless of their status, and because she is someone who can’t ignore anything that isn’t right, she was unfairly dismissed from her previous job.

In addition, Connection is raising expectations that talented actors such as Kwon Yul and Kim Kyung Nam, who have declared unprecedented transformations, will join the lead cast.

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