Melon Top 10 in real-time


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1. SPOT!
3. Magnetic
4. T.B.H 
5. Fate
6. Supernova
7. Love You With All My Heart
8. Sudden Shower
9. Plot Twist
10. Heavenly Fate
-Whoa… ‘Sudden Shower’ is actually sung by Byun Wooseok. He’s a grat singerㅋㅋㅋ He has a really nice voice

-Who is QWER?
-‘SPOT!’ is maintaining its spot really well. ‘Sudden Shower’ is also doing great.
-‘Sudden Shower’💙
-Wow, I’ve only heard one song on the chart. I don’t know the other 9 in the top 10
-Supernova, fighting👽
-I’m really enjoying “Supernova,” “HEYA,” and “Sudden Shower.”
-Su-su-su-supernova is really good.
-Let’s get “Sudden Shower” higher up~~
-Su-su-supernova, let’s go to first place
-I’m listening to all but 3…
-You are a gift from heaven~~💙
-‘Supernova’ is the perfect song to listen while working out
-It’s amazing that “Sudden Shower” is up there.
-Wow, “Sudden Shower” is really something.