“Member Death, Minor Sexual Assault, Health Deterioration” Boy Group Faces Adversities Right After Debut

Recently, various online communities have been discussing the whereabouts of TST members.

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TST is a five-member boy group under KJ Music Entertainment that debuted in 2017 with the mini-album “Time’s Up”.

Currently, TST is virtually disbanded. Shortly after their debut and starting their activities, the members faced various adversities.

Kyungha tst

First, member Kyeongha was charged and sentenced to imprisonment for the sexual assault of a minor on May 31st, 2018, leading to his departure from the group.

On June 16th, 2020, member Yohan posted “I want to go on a trip” on his personal SNS account as his last message before passing away. The exact cause of death has not been disclosed.

But the challenges did not end there. Member Wooyoung stopped group activities in 2019 due to health reasons. At the time, the agency stated, “Wooyoung felt unwell and is focusing on treatment after undergoing a thorough examination.

Subsequently, due to the members’ military enlistments and other factors, TST was restructured as a five-member group. However, they have had no activities since 2020.


Member Ain transitioned to a YouTuber. Yonghyeon was active on CarrieSoft CarrieTV from June 2020 until last year. He later changed his stage name to UO and re-debuted as a member of the group XEED under a new agency.

Netizens commented, “Looking at the group’s profile on Namuwiki, you can see the incidents they’ve been involved in“, “The team is practically disbanded without proper activities” and “What about the remaining members?

Other netizens added, “It’s surprising so many things happened within one group” and “There’s a specific reason why their current status is suddenly in the spotlight.

Currently, the profile of member Wooyoung is no longer available on major portal sites.