Members of Girls’ Generation report experiencing caffeine side effects and aftereffects during their activities

 At that time, they were living on energy drinks.

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The first time they discussed about energy drink-related matters

Sunny: I can’t drink coffee, to be honest

Sunny: Back then, we had severe insomnia during our promotions

Sunny: So we used to drink a lot of energy drinks

Tiffany: Because we couldn’t get our energy up before concerts

Sunny: Yeah, definitely before concerts

The days when they drank energy drinks whenever they were tired because they always wanted to show the fans the best stage

“We drank energy drinks and such to boost the atmosphere for those who came to see us”

Sunny: Then, it happened

The side effects of caffeine they experienced

The after effects from consuming caffeine resulting them in not being able to drink coffee even now

“My heart races, I can’t sleep at night, and suddenly my hands start shaking, things like that start happening.”

Yoona: That’s also why I couldn’t drink coffee

Hyoyeon: That’s why I don’t like coffee

As a result, many members still avoid drinking coffee and dislike it to this dayㅜㅜㅜ

The hidden hardships behind the bright appearance on stage.

“That’s why I can’t drink energy drinks”

Sooyoung: “I don’t drink (energy drinks) at all”


Nowadays, they can’t drink energy drinks at all and avoid them entirely.

Tiffany: You don’t even get shaky eyes? Your eyelids too?

Sunny: That’s when you eat bananas.

Sunny: That’s just a lack of magnesium.

Even though they just laughed it off, at the time, there were articles about idols’ dependency on energy drinks.

There are concerns about the excessive dependence of idol groups on energy drinks. Energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine. There have been continuous warnings about the health risks of overconsumption, but they seem to pay little heed. Among music fans, Girls’ Generation is well known for their enthusiasm for energy drinks. And it’s not just them. According to many entertainment managers, most singers habitually consume energy drinks. For celebrities who are chronically sleep-deprived due to their hectic schedules, energy drinks are considered essential beverages for their awakening effects. For singers performing intense dances and musicians burning their passion on stage, energy drinks are like a tonic or even more so.

Girls’ Generation members seen drinking energy drinks during schedule.

-It’s dizzying to think that you’re getting that much caffeine while dieting and not eating properly….. I once drank an Americano on an empty stomach and felt like I was about to collapse like the chairman of a weekend drama ㅠㅠ

-I’ve never tried energy drinks, but if you drink them, do you feel energized..? Is it like getting into an awakened state…?

 ㄴYes, because of the high caffeine contentㅠ

-I tried energy drinks only once in my life, and my heart was beating so fast that night. Since then, I’ve never drank them again,,,

-These days, even middle and high school students drink energy drinks.. It’s not good for your body 😭

-Me too ㅠㅠ When I was in high school, I used to carry two or three of them around, and now even if I just take supplements with caffeine, my heart beats so fast that I can’t sleep…

-I was fine, but suddenly, at some point, even if I drank just one cup of coffee, my hands would shake.

-When I worked, I stayed up all night and relied on energy drinks, but on the third day, my head was spinning, I couldn’t find my balance, and I staggered.

-I’ve never even tried a sip.,.;

-If you eat something like that on an empty stomach, your stomach will really hurt…Be carefulㅜ I absolutely won’t drink it

-I never drink it on an empty stomach and I never finish a can.