Min Hee-jin Appeared On KBS9 News, “Take NewJeans out? It’s practically impossible”

On May 31st, ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin appeared on KBS9 News and had an interview with its host.

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The host mentioned Min Hee-jin’s smile at her second press conference today, adding that two of her ally directors at ADOR have been dismissed and changed to three HYBE-recommended directors. Min compared, “The first press conference was was inevitably held in a difficult situation, while the second press conference was held after the court’s decision was made yesterday, so I was able to tell everyone my position by organizing the situation much more lightly.”

min hee jin

The host asked, “The board of directors has been reorganized, and will your head-on conflict continue?” and CEO Min answered, “I think it’s still like that. I think it’s still going on because nothing has been solved by breaking through the side, and so the conflict is still going on as breaking through head-to-head is the right solution now.”

Regarding her request for reconciliation to HYBE during the press conference, she explained, “I said it from the perspective of thinking that a quick decision is needed for shareholders, fans, and most of all, members of NewJeans, based on reality.”

When the host said, “HYBE is claiming that you are trying to take New Jeans out,” CEO Min responded, “It’s not true at all. In a situation where HYBE decides everything, no matter what I do, I know everything, but taking the group out is not a possible act. It was believed to be made up for negotiations to defend ADOR, but it is a realistically impossible story.”

min hee jin

“I don’t even think it’s a management dispute,” she said of fans’ opinions that NewJeans’ potential is being eroded by management dispute. “We hope to find a solution to the problem quickly because this has become a developed and raised issue. The injunction request was also made to obtain justification for quick settlement.”

Asked about “the level of corporate management that manages K-pop is below expectations and system tasks,” CEO Min said, “It is necessary to create institutionalization so that working people can act comfortably. Currently, it is easy to become a factory-type. There is a growing concern that it could become a mass-production type because the work protocol is set. Above all, I am very worried about what will happen to NewJeans at present. Their first Japanese single will come out on June 21. It seems that they will continue working until the scheduled Tokyo Dome. After that, I don’t know the progress.”

Earlier, after winning the provisional injunction lawsuit, CEO Min held a press conference at the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul, explaining her position on the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting.