Min Hee Jin claims Bang Shi Hyuk copied ILLIT, facing termination and legal battle

Article: [Exclusive] Min Hee Jin, “The conflict began with Bang Shi Hyuk copying New Jeans”

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Source: Han via Naver

[+2,167, -170] She’s not completely wrong ㅋㅋ ILLIT really does look similar

[+670, -50] Honestly, I’ll give her credit for this because as soon as I saw ILLIT on YouTube, they reminded me of New Jeans

[+810, -224] I mean, does she really think media play like this will fool the public? 

[+522, -73] Is she trying to spin her betrayal as justified because Bang Shi Hyuk was plagiarizing her?.. like she had no choice but to backstab him and go separately?

[+501, -107] If we’re going to talk about copying, you basically copied Pink Pantheress, then

[+257, -35] I can see why she’s mad though, Bang Shi Hyuk totally produced a New Jeans copy

[+202, -12] I highly doubt Min Hee Jin had enough power on her own to try and take New Jeans and leave when Bang Shi Hyuk owns 30% of Hybe and Hybe owns 80% of Ador ㅋㅋ Hybe probably just saw this as the right opportunity to get rid of Min Hee Jin and all the offers she’s been getting to undermine him

[+198, -12] It seems like no one’s reading the part where she said she has no intention of taking over Ador’s management. You all have to admit that ILLIT looks similar to her style, which is something that’s been going around since their debut. What happened, as said by her in the article, is that she got mad at how blatantly they copied her with ILLIT so she put in a complaint with Hybe and Hybe turned around to terminate her.

[+185, -11] Let’s be honest, guys… without New Jeans, no one would’ve come up with ILLIT’s current concept at all ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+195, -29] I mean, the question at hand is whether she tried a coup or not ㅋㅋㅋ Bang Shi Hyuk’s been coming out with all the legal reasons she wronged with him while Min Hee Jin’s avoiding the topic

– [+38, -0] Well, if you read in the first sentence, she says right there that she isn’t attempting a coup

[+134, -7] But ILLIT’s pretty much a copy and paste of New Jeans

[+105, -10] I agree with Min Hee Jin 100 times. Hybe had no shame and crossed the line with ILLIT. How inconsiderate to copy a group that is still active in the industry. Should’ve at least said something to her or asked for permission. Only thugs would copy first and assume to get away with it.

[+99, -4] We all knew ILLIT was a copy… we just figured it was okay because they were under the same agency.

[+89, -3] I don’t get why anyone would pin this on Min Hee Jin when she said she never had any intention of starting her own agency. She just asked that Hybe not copy her and they came out with termination.

[+83, -1] I’m with Min Hee Jin. She has every right to be mad, and Hybe owns 80% of Ador so it’s not like she had any chance at a coup of management anyway. Just seems like Bang Shi Hyuk’s throwing a tantrum because he’s pissed Min Hee Jin isn’t letting him get away with it.

Source: Nate

[+259, -22] ILLIT’s just way too similar…

[+209, -24] I knew the public was on to something. It was so obvious that ILLIT was a blatant copy of New Jeans, no wonder Min Hee Jin’s pissed

[+128, -19] Quite obvious ILLIT’s a copy… Hybe’s screwed if they don’t come up with a proper response to this because Min Hee Jin has every right to be mad

[+26, -1] Never mind the New Jeans stuff, what about your response to all the criminal stuff Hybe is claiming you committed? You don’t get to commit all those things just because you think someone’s copying you.

[+26, -4] I mean, Hybe owns 80% of you, can you really say they’re copying you if they own you? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+24, -2] This is so funny to me because to the regular public, like all of the boy groups look indistinguishable from one another

[+19, -3] That doesn’t give you the right to try and take New Jeans and leave when Hybe was the one that funded the investment in them. What makes you any different from Fifty Fifty then?

Article: Min Hee Jin’s ambiguous interview, “There’s no reason that New Jeans must be under Hybe”

Source: Everyday Econ via Naver

[+718, -19] But, I mean… Hybe funded you, no…?

[+524, -5] So you think it’s okay that Hybe had to take on all the risks of your project but now that it’s successful, you want it all for yourself? Yeah, I know quite a few staff with your mindset…

[+304, -8] But you benefitted off of the money from Hybe and BTS

[+288, -6] She cannot be saying this right now. She can’t seriously be acting like New Jeans would’ve done well without Hybe’s infrastructure, international market influence, promotion, etc. Bang Shi Hyuk brought her on with all the fanfare in the media about producing a new girl group. She benefitted from Hybe.

[+99, -1] Ugh, I don’t like her ㅡㅡ if she didn’t need Hybe or their funding, then she could’ve just set up her own label when she left SM… but obviously she didn’t have the money for that which is why she went to Hybe. It’s quite unfair for her to say she never needed Hybe only now that New Jeans is successful ㅋㅋㅋ seems this was her plan all along… use someone else’s money to build herself up and take it all and leave once she doesn’t need it anymore.

[+82, -0] BTS worked from concrete up but it was thanks to BTS that New Jeans was able to start life off of on a soft mattress. If she keeps talking like this, people are going to treat her like the Fifty Fifty scandal.

[+59, -0] Quite arrogant of her to think that she could get here without Hybe or BTS’s power. I don’t agree with her. Without Hybe, New Jeans would’ve disappeared as one of the hundreds of groups a year that do.

Source: Nate

[+228, -10] I’m fine with her wanting to leave Ador and make a new girl group, but she doesn’t get to take New Jeans with her

[+138, -10] She let Hybe take all the risks of starting a new girl group and only now wants to start her own agency once New Jeans has made it. 

[+132, -174] Tbh, I totally get her wanting to leave… ILLIT’s entire easy listening vibe is a copy of New Jeans, and if Min Hee Jin stays, Hybe’s just going to keep copying her one after the other. I’d want to just leave and do things on my own after seeing that.

[+128, -5] How is she going to leave when Hybe owns 80% of Ador?? And as talented as she may be, she doesn’t have the kind of funding that Hybe is able to provide, which is a huge part in New Jeans’ backing ㅋㅋ 

[+48, -39] All of the new girl groups are so similar to New Jeans now, I think Min Hee Jin has enough sense to just go off on her own… though I do think she should find a more legal way to go about this

[+25, -0] No one would be opposed to you leaving if you gave back all the investments, gave up your girl group, and really decided to start fresh with nothing but yourself

[+17, -3] Is this going to be the next Fifty Fifty scandal?

[+13, -0] Looks like New Jeans’ success is getting her greedy ㅎㅎㅎ

Source: Nate

[+185, -14] None of this would be a scandal if she just left New Jeans with Hybe and left on her own~ you don’t get to take Hybe’s money when it benefitted you and now decide that you made it on your own because New Jeans is successful ㅋㅋ

[+123, -6] I’m pretty sure I remember New Jeans debuting with the headlines as being Hybe’s new girl group

[+80, -1] But you made New Jeans with Hybe’s money ㅋㅋㅋ

[+14, -0] How is she so sure that New Jeans would be who they are now without Hybe’s influence? 2NE1 debuted off of Big Bang’s name, Black Pink debuted off of 2NE1’s name… all of these factors matter in the end

[+12, -0] This is just not the right thing to do. She should’ve learned with what happened with Fifty Fifty. If this was her goal all along, perhaps she should’ve started her own agency from the start.

[+11, -0] So funny how now she’s like “we never needed Hybe” when New Jeans’ entire debut was reliant on Hybe’s money and influence ㅋㅋㅋ 

[+10, -1] I know Min Hee Jin is a big part of New Jeans’ success but you don’t get to say this after receiving all that funding in the beginning

[+9, -0] Aigoo, greed is ruining another career

Source: Nate

[+187, -4] She’s free to leave Hybe, she just doesn’t get to take New Jeans with her. Sad for her but Hybe’s the one that funded them. If she was so sure that New Jeans would’ve been successful without Hybe, then she should’ve invested in them on her own.

[+113, -3] Hybe predicted that she’d fight back instead of accept the termination because all of management is people on Min Hee Jin’s side. What she’s doing is a crime.

[+99, -1] If she wants to leave, then give up her percentage and leave. You don’t get to backstab someone who invested in you.

[+72, -1] So she used Hybe’s money to train New Jeans and is now betraying them

[+61, -1] She’s flying too close to the sun

[+6, -0] Is this a coup?

[+4, -0] New Jeans was raised on Hybe’s money. Leave them here and you go out on your own.

Source: Issue King TV via YouTube

[+319] Bloody over at Hybe with this failed coup…

[+258] At this point, Hybe needs to get rid of Min Hee Jin and do a complete overhaul of management

[+844] If she fails, she’ll end up like Ahn Sung Il… if she succeeds, she gets all of Hybe

[+35] It’s pretty much over for Ador and Min Hee Jin with the way public sentiment is going. No one likes someone who is too afraid to take on their own risks so they risk someone else’s money for them.

[+301] She seems to have forgotten that Bang Shi Hyuk gave her all those shares because he trusted her so much..

[+476] Neverending human greed… she’s already so successful and a top shareholder, what more could she need…

[+148] ㅋㅋ Kinda crazy that she’s willing to go this hard against HYbe… might as well demand to take Le Sserafim and BTS with her too if she’s going to go all out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+304] I don’t know how she can do something like this after seeing what went down with Fifty

[+351] I think this is a funny but clear example of Min Hee Jin… she’s a great businesswoman, but her character has always been dubious and moments like this really bring it to light

[+47] Hybe just… never has any luck with girl groups, it seems