Min Hee-jin, “It’s A Waste If NewJeans Renews Its Contract After 7 Years. They Should Live Their Desired Life”

At the press conference at the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of May 31, Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR, expressed her vision with NewJeans.

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CEO Min Hee-jin said, “NewJeans and I want to live a happy life,” adding, “They don’t know about things, they have a lot of talents, and they don’t know how to vent this. They want to be celebrities, and they don’t know what an artist is. They came to the audition because they heard it was a big company. They came in without even knowing the system. What matters is how to teach, guide, and what kind of human beings we make them into.”

min hee jin

She said, “I always tell the members that they are studying with me during the contract period. During seven years, study that you can make a living. How long will you be here? When you grow up, you will want to be your own. At that time, you should practice being able to live on your own so that you can make free choices. If mommy keeps feeding you, how can you live (on your own) later?”

“If they want to be cool artists, or if they get bored after working hard for seven years, they may want to study abroad or get married. I hope they live the life they want in the future,” she added.

CEO Min Hee-jin continued, “I believe it would be a waste for them to hold on to the company’s profits and renew the contract. In a way, the vision was not in the K-pop scene. The members and parents may have enjoyed listening to my vision. I didn’t like the K-pop scene to stick with. It’s not fun. Even when we have our own style, other styles can become popular, and we have to do this and that so that we can make a living. That’s what makes it fun. I believe we could become a good business role model if we do this while earning money well.”