Min Hee Jin Liked ILLIT’s Controversial ‘Kalguksu’ Video? ADOR CEO Clarifies Incident

On Instagram, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin explained her side after liking an alleged problematic video of ILLIT “sniping” at NewJeans.

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On May 25, ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin sparked a heated debate among ILLIT fans and Bunnies (NewJeans fandom) after they noticed that she liked a controversial video of ILLIT.

In particular, the video was a snippet from a YouTube web show released by Belift Lab wherein the quintet had a food “ideal type” World Cup. Here, ILLIT members were asked to choose just one of two options.

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When “Kalguksu (knife-cut noodle dish) vs. Galbijjim (braised short ribs)” came, the majority of the members selected “Kalguksu.”

Initially, viewers said that it was a meaningless remark; however; after being re-examined, there are netters who were skeptical about ILLIT’s choice and Belift Lab’s “problematic” caption saying that it is a “trend” when it was just actually a common food.

Fans believe that it is an indirect sniping at NewJeans Minji, who recently took a jab for not knowing what “Kalguksu” is. At the time, she was hated for “faking” a “classy” image.

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NewJeans parents also addressed this in their email to HYBE, claiming that ILLIT’s content about the food could be cited as “gossip.” They expressed frustration for the inappropriate mention of NewJeans under the group’s content, blaming HYBE’s internal production team for not filtering and editing such video.

The issue intensified when Min Hee Jin liked the same clip. However, on May 26, the CEO came to clean up the misunderstanding.

When a Bunny let her know about this, Min replied:

“Some Bunnies earlier told me that I had clicked on “like” by mistake. Some fan sent me that link via DM and asked me to verify it so I entered the link.”

Min Hee Jin Liked ILLIT's Controversial 'Kalguksu' Video? ADOR CEO Clarifies Incident
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She refuted she intentionally liked it and said:

“I didn’t click the like button, I guess I might have double-tapped it by mistake. Thank you for letting me know.”

After seeing this, Bunnies sided with Min and commented:

  • “Look at this, this is how you do it cleanly.”
  • “I also double-tapped videos sometimes by mistake.”
  • “It’s not even a hate video, so what’s the problem?”

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Meanwhile, after Min Hee Jin accused ILLIT of being copied from NewJeans, Belift Lab counterattacked ans filed a complaint against the CEO for obstruction of business and defamation.

In a statement released on May 22nd, the label denied that ILLIT was plagiarized from NewJeans and submitted supporting materials to the judicial authorities to prove that the suspicions were different from the facts.

On May 31 then, a general shareholders’ meeting with the agenda of dismissing CEO Min Hee Jin with ADOR board of directors will also take place.