Min Hee-jin responds to public support from S.E.S.’s Bada and Eugene “See you soon”

On June 3rd, Min Hee-jin tagged Bada and Eugene’s accounts on her personal SNS and posted “2016. See you soon!” along with heart emojis and two photos.

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The released photos show Min Hee-jin with Bada and Eugene, catching attention. It’s known that they met to work on a project for S.E.S.’s 20th debut anniversary.

min hee jin bada eugene

Amid the ongoing conflict between HYBE and Min Hee-jin, Eugene recently posted a message of support for Min Hee-jin and NewJeans on her SNS, which drew attention. She wrote, “To my beloved juniors! Min Hee-jin, who left a ‘cool and talented person’ impression on me although it was a brief meeting while working on S.E.S.’s 20th anniversary album, created NewJeans. The lovely members, music and retro vibe were enough to make me a fan. As a fan, I’m very happy that Min Hee-jin and NewJeans will not part ways. I will continue to support and love NewJeans, who will continue their great activities.”

Bada also expressed support for NewJeans, “Amid the complicated stories of adults… Preparing an album is always hard and busy for idols… How tiring must it have been for these young friends this time? I’m sure my junior idols are going through hard times in their own place, but I hope they endure these beautiful days that will never come again, grow up better and be happier as you are. All the idol juniors in Korea are just amazing. I support you all.”

min hee jin bada eugene

Min Hee-jin, accused by HYBE of attempting to usurp management rights, held her second press conference on May 31st, about a month after her first one in April. The press conference followed a court decision to accept her request to prohibit HYBE from exercising voting rights, allowing her to retain her CEO position for now. Min Hee-jin expressed relief at clearing her name, but also suggested moving towards reconciliation for the sake of NewJeans.

HYBE, which had announced plans to take follow-up actions, held an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting where they dismissed two internal directors aligned with Min Hee-jin. They appointed new directors, including CHRO Kim Joo-young, CSO Lee Jae-sang and CFO Lee Kyung-joon. HYBE has not yet issued a statement following Min Hee-jin’s press conference.