Min Hee Jin Unmasks Bang Si Hyuk’s Texts, Denies GFriend’s Disbandment Links

During a recent press conference, Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, made startling revelations about her interactions with HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk. She disclosed text messages suggesting Bang Si Hyuk’s desire for competition, notably requesting to “crush” SM Entertainment’s girl group aespa.

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In one message, Bang Si Hyuk asked, “You can crush aespa, right?” to which Min Hee Jin replied with laughter. This exchange has raised eyebrows in the industry, with many perceiving it as unprofessional and indicative of a competitive atmosphere.

Controversy Over aespa Rivalry: Bang Si Hyuk’s Alleged Request

The disclosed messages also shed light on Bang Si Hyuk’s alleged request for Min Hee Jin to prioritize her collaboration with HYBE over her work with SM Entertainment. He suggested creating a new entity dubbed “Min Hee Jin World,” seemingly emphasizing competition over cooperation.

Bang Si Hyuk
Bang Si Hyuk

Furthermore, after a delay in the debut of NewJeans under HYBE’s subsidiary, Source Music, Min Hee Jin redirected the debut to her own label, ADOR. This decision came amid apparent dissatisfaction with HYBE’s handling of debut schedules.

Denial of GFriend’s Disbandment: Min Hee Jin’s Response

In the wake of GFriend’s sudden disbandment and contract termination with Source Music, speculations emerged linking Min Hee Jin and ADOR to the decision. However, Min Hee Jin vehemently denied any involvement, citing poor audition outcomes and branding issues within Source Music.

Min Hee Jin
Min Hee Jin

Addressing accusations, Min Hee Jin clarified, “I don’t know why everyone is blaming me for the disbandment. I have nothing to do with it. I was only concerned with my own job.” She elaborated on challenges faced during auditions and emphasized her focus on developing talent.

As controversies swirl around these revelations, the K-pop industry awaits further developments regarding the dynamics between Min Hee Jin, Bang Si Hyuk, and the future of HYBE’s collaborations.

Meanwhile, During a press conference, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin revealed that Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of HYBE, asked her to “crush aespa.”

This disclosure comes amid a conflict between HYBE Labels and ADOR, where HYBE accused ADOR of attempting to seize total control and leaked confidential documents.

Min Hee Jin defended herself by sharing screenshots of her conversation with Bang Si Hyuk, where he suggested she could “crush aespa” and encouraged her to forget her past with SM Entertainment. This revelation adds fuel to the ongoing dispute between the two companies.