Min Heejin just posted about NewJeans on her Instagram

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NewJeans fan meeting Tokyo Dome



1. She is the best at promoting NewJeans

2. She’s just a woman who’s crazy about NewJeans…

3. Meanwhile, the poster is so beautiful

4. I feel like she really loves NewJeans

5. Daebak, tickets are sold out at Tokyo Dome on weekdays

6. HYBE doesn’t actually promote anything, they just spread negative articles

7. Min Heejin does all the promotional activities for NewJeans… F*ck HYBE, this damn company

8. This must be the reason why Bang Si Hyuk is so passionate about fighting NewJeans

9. HYBE does not promote anything. Min Heejin is the only one who does that

10. They didn’t debut in Japan but they sold out their fanmeeting at Tokyo Dome!! They’re crazyㅜㅜ

11. Wow, the fanmeeting held at Tokyo Dome was amazing!!!

12. They need to promote NewJeans’ Tokyo Dome ticket sales, but no one is doing it except Min Heejin

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